Thin, Stylish, yet Amazingly Capable
From now on, you’ll have a second thought about stylish netbooks thanks to the ViewSonic VNB101. It’s not a toyish laptop that barely computes, but a technology feat with stunning style and beauty. The 8-second startup time and handy Multi-touch image zooming, among many advanced features, would make you proud and many “professional” notebooks sweat. Forget about yesterday’s laptops, and think again about how VNB101 could change your everyday life.

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The brand new 25mm ultra-thin frame and alloy chassis comes in Pop Black, Shiny Gold and Loving Red, along with a 10-inch LED wide screen and intuitive features like Multi-touch image zooming; it’s definitely a netbook you’ve never seen!

Intel Atom N280


VNB101 features the energy saving, environment-friendly Intel® Atom®l N280 processor, 1GB memory and equally excellent designs to enable the incredible 8-second startup speed without sacrificing complete multimedia capability and intuitive operation. Not for long, you may forget that it’s an attractive lightweight netbook, not your previous heavyweight.



ViewSonic’s exclusive Prestige Services and 8-hour speedy repair online request are backing your VNB101 anytime. Feel safe and free to bring it with you anywhere.

IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-fi

Tech Specs

Leading the pack with the latest hardware specification, VNB101 is the netbook of the new generation. It’s Internet surfing, note taking as well as media entertainment in a thin box, and the possibility is limitless.