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Solstice™ enables multiple users to simultaneously share media from a range of devices (laptops, tablets, or smartphones) to any ViewSonic® display, over a Wi-Fi or LAN environment. With a Solstice-enabled ViewSonic® display in the room, any number of users can instantly connect, share, and control content on the display, facilitating presentations, collaboration and decision-making.

Solstice™ is available as licensed software, or as the Solstice Pod™ that offers a turnkey solution for any meeting space with a ViewSonic display. Solstice is enterprise-ready, providing robust management features and network deployment options.

Enterprise Class Software

The Solstice Dashboard provides a centralized IT administrator interface wherein you can configure, manage, and monitor displays throughout the enterprise. The Solstice Directory Service (SDS) allows you to easily set up display discovery across the existing corporate network.

Solstice Dashboard / Centralized interface

Rich Content Sharing Capabilities

  • Unlimited simultaneous users via WiFi and/or Ethernet connections
  • Connect with Windows, Apple and Android devices – laptops, tablets, smartphones with “free” client apps.
  • Share applications, documents, images, videos, etc.
  • Each participant can share multiple streams to the display
  • Live streams of video and other media with synchronized audio supports 1080p at 30 fps
  • Changes made to content visible on screen in real time
  • Users control screen layout – look at one thing or a dozen things on screen at the same time
  • Laptop screen privacy – users can share a single application window
  • iPhone and iPad mirroring
  • Multiple use modes to support both presenter-controlled sessions and ‘equal-access-for-all’
  • In open sessions, any participant can control the posts of anyone else in the session
Share / Unlimited content

Enhances Existing Investments

Easily installed on a standard Windows computer connected to a display or projector, Solstice software requires no proprietary hardware and runs on an existing WiFi or Ethernet network.

Easy / Installatio

Free 30-Day Software Trial

Enjoy a free 30-day trial of Solstice Visual Collaboration Software and learn how you can enhance collaboration with any ViewSonic large format display or projector.

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Solstice Software Options

Wireless Collaboration Software

Solstice Software is the perfect BYOD collaboration solution for conference rooms, classrooms, and huddle spaces. The pure-software version of Solstice installs on a standard Windows 7, 8, or 10 PC and enables facilitating efficient wireless collaboration over existing WiFi/Ethernet networks for improved meeting room productivity and ROI.

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