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1. Buy and Try programme structure
This programme offers you the possibility to buy products without risk. You have a money-back-guarantee if the purchased product has not entirely convinced you after 30 days. The offer exclusively applies to all qualifying products that are purchased during the period of the campaign from the suppliers listed below.
Only end customers may take part in the scheme. End customers may only enter a maximum of one Buy & Try applications.
The return must take place within 30 days after the purchase date of the new product. Only one product per transaction and participant can be returned.

The period of the offer and the products subject to the offer are named on the Buy & Try programme website. ViewSonic Europe Ltd remains the right to change or terminate this campaign at any time and without prior announcement.

2. Registering with the programme
The application to return the product must be made within 30 days of the purchase date.  The application process is absolutely necessary for participation in the Buy and Try programme and a later product return.

3. Return agreements and conditions for the refund payment
ViewSonic Europe Ltd only accepts complete and undamaged returns in their original packaging.
Try and Buy Programme only applies to new products.  Refurbished, ex-demo and ‘graded’ products are excluded from the Try and Buy programme.
-    CCL
-    Insight
-    Misco
-    Ebuyer
-    Scan
-    Novatech
Proof of purchase has to have originated from the above resellers only to qualify.

No refund is made without the original packaging.

The product must be returned complete and undamaged in the original packaging and with all original accessories (including documentation, media, internal packaging, other detachable parts, manuals, network adapter, cds, cables, etc) to us.

Without receipt of proof of purchase, your application for return will be cancelled.

Incomplete or damaged returns cannot or are only partially refunded. The establishment of the refunded amount lies with ViewSonic Europe Ltd and will be communicated to the end consumer.

The returns product can only be picked up from the end customer address.

The returns product must be available to be picked up within 5 calendar days of the Buy and Try application.

On the agreed date, ViewSonic Europe Ltd will dispatch a carrier to the address stated by the participant in the "Buy & Try request". If it is not possible for our carrier to come on the agreed date, ViewSonic Europe Ltd will contact you to agree a new date

The charges for the collection are carried by ViewSonic Europe Ltd if the product is sealed and enclosed in appropriate packaging materials (e.g. such as plain wrapping paper) so as to not deface the product packaging. If the participant does not adhere to the terms of participation, is the product not provided at the agreed time or if the carrier has to carry out a collection anew through fault of the participant, ViewSonic Europe Ltd remains the right to deduct a sum appropriate to the expenditure.

ViewSonic Europe Ltd reserves the right to retain a processing and / or a usage compensation from the reimbursement price, should it be deemed necessary.

The refund of the purchase price ensues in net. The purchase price stated on the invoice will be reimbursed, but the maximum amount is the ViewSonic list price at the time of purchase. ViewSonic reimburses only this amount. Other hardware, software and services such as delivery are excluded from the reimbursement. Other costs are not reimbursed and cannot be claimed by ViewSonic Europe Ltd.

After the product has arrived at ViewSonic Europe Ltd, payment is made by either cheque or credit refund within 60 days exclusively to the end customer's account or by Cheque.  Payment method is dependent upon reseller and at ViewSonic Europe Ltd’s discretion.

4. Buy & Try agreements that are incomplete or contain false statements cannot be processed.

5. Participants proved to have abused the system will be excluded from other ViewSonic Europe Ltd sales promotions.

6. The date of the specialist supplier’s invoice/proof of purchase applies as the date of purchase.

7. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other sale promoting measures from or special agreements with ViewSonic Europe Ltd that are offered at the same time.

8. Invoicing
Should an invoice be required for tax or accounting reasons, please contact our Accounts team at the following address:
ViewSonic Europe Ltd- Accounts Department
Level 4, Tower 42
25 Old Broad Street

9. In the event of either false, erroneous claims or overpayments either submitted by the Customer or made by ViewSonic Europe Ltd then subject to ViewSonic Europe Ltd serving not less than 28 days prior written notice the Customer shall repay or reimburse any such false, erroneous or overpayments and the Customer shall hold ViewSonic Europe Ltd harmless and indemnify ViewSonic Europe Ltd from any liability, claims, damages and tax liabilities arising in such circumstances.

10. Main land applications are valid only

11. Products returned to ViewSonic Europe Ltd must not be contaminated with biological, chemical or radioactive materials.