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15.2cm/ 6" eBook

A library in the palm of your hand with the ViewSonic eBooks

ViewSonic’s latest eBook is a thin, light and versatile device measuring less than 11mm thin and weighting less than 0.26kg, that can be held comfortably in the palm of your hand. The ViewSonic eBook employs sophisticated E-ink panel technology that has the authentic look and feel of traditional paper and yet makes the screen easy to read even in direct sunlight. In addition to 2GB of internal memory and the option of memory card expansion, using the integrated SD card slot the ViewSonic eBook can store a huge number of books, while the WiFi connectivity can give access to even more!

The integrated Li-Ion battery and advanced power saving features of E-Ink means that the eBook supports 6,500 page turns –equivalent to reading more than 20 books.

Read your favourite literature or stories anywhere at any time, or make notes for anything that comes to mind using the sophisticated touch screen, so you never lose that important idea or information as it comes to mind. Plus, the ViewSonic eBook supports multiple formats including ePub, PDF and MP3 audio while giving you access to over one million free public domain titles.

Explore a new level of reading and access to infinite information with the ViewSonic eBook!

Adjustable font sizes

Allows setting the text larger or smaller to suit your needs and preferences.


The ViewSonic eBook is compatible with popular file formats such as ePub, PDF, or plain text.

Doubles as a music player

You can listen to your favourite songs as you read.

E-ink technology

Very easy to read anytime, anywhere under different ambient light conditions, and it consumes power only when turning pages.

Environmentally friendly

The "green" technology used by the ViewSonic eBook saves both paper and electric power.

Freehand highlighting & annotation using the touch screen

Take freehand notes and highlight sections of text you wish to revisit later, just as you would in a real book but without spoiling the hardcopy. If you prefer, a virtual keyboard is also available for entering quick notes or searching your library.


The screen rotates to give optimum viewing whatever the orientation of the device. It is also possible to gently shake the device to proceed to the next or previous page. Or, turn pages by flicking your finger across the screen.

Multiple language support in one device

The ViewSonic eBook can travel the globe, supporting multiple languages.

Page turn options

Left/Right Buttons - Shake left/right - Finger swipe left/right - left or right hand configuration option.

Searching functionality

Search passages or keywords to locate any part or position in the books.

Slim and light

ViewSonic eBook is smaller than a paperback and easy to carry around.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Support for wireless connection allows users to download books directly from the internet without the need for a PC.

Your own personal library of books

Convenient and safe in one lightweight and easy to use device.


Resolution 800X600
Screen size 15.2cm/6" E-Ink panel
Scale 16-level grey scale


Speakers 1x 0.5W Speaker


English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish


Mini USB 2.0 x 1
3.5mm headset jack
SD Card slot


Physical (mm) 188 (L) X 126 (W) x 10.9 (H)

Internal Memory

2GB (Available to use 1.5GB)


AC Adapter (5V1A, UK, EU, UL, AU)
USB Cable
Quick Start Guide
Ear phone
Leather Cover




6,500 Pages Refreshing


Black product with Black wallet/sleeve / White product with White wallet/sleeve


Weight 258g


Text XML(epub, fb2), HTML(html, htm), pdf, txt, rtf
Audio MP3


Book Library
Note Taking
Text Search
Music Mode
Font Size (S/M/L/XL/XXL)
Go To Page



Wireless LAN

WiFi 802.11 b/g

User Guides

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