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    ViewSonic VP2780-4K Monitor Product Review (English)

    The 27” VP2780-4K boasts an ultra-high 3840 x 2160 4K UHD resolution with 8 million pixels for ultimate image quality. The SuperClear™ H-IPS display technology provides a consistent and true-to-life image from any angle. It delivers the ultimate colour performance with 100% sRGB, 80% Adobe RGB, 99% EBU and 75% NTSC colour coverage. The VP2780-4K has 10 bit colour, 14 bit processing, 3D LUT and Delta E≤2 colour accuracy which renders the image on display and print-out as accurately as it is on camera. Each display is individually calibrated and manually adjusted for greater colour accuracy as part of the production process to ensure a perfect image quality. This monitor offers five gamma settings to deliver optimized colour performance and contrast for graphic design, video editing and photography production. ViewSonic’s MultiPicture functionality allows for efficient multitasking by providing simultaneous viewing of up to four split windows. Finally it comes with zero pixel warranty to ensure peak performance for the life of the product.

    Ultra HD 4K resolution

    With a 3840x2160 resolution that contains more than 8 million pixels at 163 ppi, the VP2780-4K offers 4 times more pixels than Full HD, delivering the ultimate image detail and clarity, perfect for professional users.

    SuperClear™ technology for true to life colours

    The SuperClear™ IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology delivers exceptional colour performance and extends viewing angles to 178 degrees horizontally and vertically. Experience accurate and vivid colours with consistent levels of brightness from above, below, the front, or the side—with no colour distortion or decay.

    10 bit colour processing displays 1.07 billion colours

    With 10-bit colour processing, the VP2780-4K can generate up to 1.07 billion colours, which is 64 times more colours than conventional 8 bit colour monitors, for smooth colour-to-colour transitions as well as enhanced grayscale performance. By displaying up to 1.07 billion colours, this monitor delivers professional-grade colour accuracy and stunning images.

    100% sRGB and 80% Adobe RGB for CAD/CAM

    The high colour gamut display delivers excellent colours and features 100% sRGB and 80% AdobeRGB colour coverage for vivid and brilliant images suitable for creative design, photo and architechture planning.

    99% EBU and 75% NTSC for video editing

    An EBU color preset mode offers an accurate colour space and stable picture performance ideal for broadcasting, editing, and video production. The VP2780-4K also offers five gamma settings, Gamma 1.8, 2.0, 2.2, 2.4, to 2.6 to deliver optimized colour performance and contrast ratio for graphic design, video editing, photography production, and more.

    Delta E≤2, 14 bit processing and 3D LUT for image accuracy and consistency

    Featuring Delta E≤2 color accuracy, images are accurately reproduced on your display with absolutely no differences in colour. The 14-bit LUT renders up to 4.39 trillion color palette, without reducing the signal quality while ensuring true-to-life images. In addition, the 3D LUT ensures smoother color gradations and neutral gray tones. What you see on the camera is exactly the same on the screen and is the same as is then printed.

    Hardware Calibrated for Colour Performance Guarantee

    The VP2780-4K is individually calibrated and manually adjusted during the production process for greater colour accuracy so that every monitor we ship has the same phenomenal colour performance. The pre-tuned sRGB and EBU calibrations are run according to ViewSonic approved test procedures using state of the art calibration equipment. The displays individual colour calibration report is included in the box with the display.

    HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2a, MHL and mobile chargeable USB ports

    In addition to DisplayPort 1.2a, the VP2780-4K features the latest HDMI 2.0 connectivity which supports 3840 x 2160 resolution at 60Hz frame rate to connect PCs as well as consumer devices and gaming consoles. With MHL, the VP2780-4K enables users to connect compatible mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The integrated 4-port USB 3.0 hub provides connectivity to peripherals at highest data rates and includes power charging function when the monitor is in stand-by mode.


    Industrial leading 0 pixel guarantee

    ViewSonic is committed to using the highest grade panels and offers the industry's leading 0 pixel guarantee on the VP2780-4K for peace of mind in your asset protection

    Pixel Performance LED Display
    2008 Standard
    • 2 Bright
      2 Dark
      5 Total
    Pixel Guarantee
    • 0 Bright
      0 Dark
      0 Total

    MultiPicture Functionality

    MultiPicture supports Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-by-Pictire (PBP) for multitasking and simultaneous viewing of up to 4 video sources at 1080p Full HD resolution. MultiPicture also supports equally splitted images in top and bottom (4K1K), in left and right (2K2K) and in 21:9.

    Uniform slim matt bezel and full ergonomic stand

    The VP2780-4K comes with a uniform slim bezel which is perfect for multiple monitor applications such as financial analysis, CADCAM and surveillance. Users are able to adjust the display with 28º of tilt, 90º of pivot, 120º of swivel and a height adjustment of up to 15cm. The multi-adjusting ergonomic design provides for a better working environment and helps reduce strain in the workplace.


    This monitor features a 100 x 100mm VESA-mountable design that allows you to mount the monitor depending on your specific needs.

    ViewSonic Flicker-Free Technology

    Flicker-free delivers a more comfortable viewing experience. Rather than using Pulse Width Modulation that continuously turns the LED backlight on and off, the VP2780-4K uses DC modulation backlights that maintain a steady stream of direct current power eliminating screen flickering at all brightness levels.

    Blue Light Filter for More Comfortable Viewing

    The VP2780-4K features a Blue Light Filter setting that allows users to adjust the amount of blue light emitted from the screen enabling longer viewing times and increased eye comfort for work and multimedia applications.

    Uniformity Enhancement for Consistent and Balanced Image Performance

    The VP2780-4K’s Uniformity Correction function compensates any luminance and color uniformity imbalance on the screen such as dark spots, uneven brightness, or illegible images on the screen. With the ViewSonic uniformity correction function, grey-scale levels are balanced, and Delta E scores are improved to be ≦2. Colour reproduction, accuracy, and Delta E numbers will all be improved, increasing reliability and offering the highest quality viewing experience from every monitor.

    Independent 6-axis Colour Adjustment Function

    To deliver precise and accurate colour performance, the independent 6-axis colour adjustment function (red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow) allows users to customize hue and saturation for each colour axis individually, without affecting the other colour outputs. In addition, the gain and offset functions allow users to control white balance for the upmost control when manipulating contrast and dark scenes.

    Eco-mode Conserves More Energy and Cuts Costs

    ViewSonic’s proprietary Eco-mode energy-saving feature is built into all ViewSonic LED monitors. Eco-mode adjusts brightness of the display thereby reducing power consumption to reduce running costs and prolong the life of the display.


    Download VP2780-4K Energy Fiche

    Register and receive a 4 years warranty upgrade

    Model No.: VP2780-4K
    Download datasheet PDF
    Acrobat Reader Required
    LCD PANEL Type 27” IPS LED
    Resolution 3840 x 2160
    Display Area 596.74 x 335.66 mm
    Brightness 350 cd/m2
    Contrast Ratio 1,000:1
    Dynamic Contrast Ratio 20M:1
    Viewing Angles 178° / 178°
    Response Time 5ms(GtG); 2ms (G delta)
    Colors 1.07 Billion
    Colour gamut 100% sRGB, 80% Adobe RGB, 99% EBU and 75% NTSC color coverage
    Connector Video HDMI 2.0 x 1, MHL 2.0 x 2, DisplayPort 1.2a x 1, Mini DP in x 1
    USB   USB 3.0 Upstream x1, USB 3.0 Downstream x4
    POWER Power External, Mickey mouse type (IEC 320-C6)
    Voltage AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
    Consumption 46.5 W
    Optimize 40 W
    Conserve 33 W
    ERGONOMICS Tilt 23˚ ~ -5˚
    Swivel 60˚ (right) / 60˚ (left)
    Pivot 90˚
    Heigh Adjust 0-150mm
    SPECIAL FEATURES   10 bit Colour,
    14 bit Colour Processing,
    3D LUT,
    5 Gamma Level Setting,
    Colour Space Convertor,
    USB Charging
    Wall Mount VESA® 100 x 100mm
    OPERATING CONDITIONS Temperature (º F / º C) 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
    Humidity 10% to 90% (no condensation)
    DIMENSIONS (W x H x D) (mm) Physical with stand (mm) 642.7 x 469.7 x 347.8 mm
    Physical without stand (mm) 642.7 x 381.7 x 56 mm
    Packaging (mm) 739 x 576 x 259 mm
    WEIGHT Net with stand (kg) 8.36 kg
    Net without stand (kg) 5.36 kg
    Gross (kg) 11.70 kg
    REGULATION   CB ,CE, WEEE, RoHS, ErP, REACH,TCO6.0, Windows 8, EAC / CU, UkrSEPRO, GS, Ergo, UL,FCC-B, NOM, EPEAT GOLD, Energy Star
    WARRANTY   *Warranty offered may differ from market to market
    Power Cable,
    DP Cable,
    MHL Cable,
    HDMI Cable,
    USB 3.0 UP Stream Cable,
    Quick Start Guide,
    ViewSonic Wizard CD-ROM,
    *Actual content may differ from market to market
    Apr 2016

    PRAD “Good” VP2780

    PRAD “Good” VP2780

    “The ViewSonic VP2780-4K turns out not only externally as a powerful and sturdy workhorse with excellent ergonomic features. Also with regard to internal values ​​, the manufacturer has not promised too much. The illumination at the black screen test is convincing. Contrast, black level, and also the in -image contrast of VP2780-4K are excellent, so that the video playback provides a brilliant image.”

    PRAD ProAdviser GmbH & Co.
    Dec 2015

    4K-Display Viewsonic VP2780-4K im Test

    4K-Display Viewsonic VP2780-4K im Test

    “The ViewSonic VP2780-4K is a 4K screen for professionals. The 27-inch screen provides a superb image Quality. Wroth mentioning are the very good neutral color reproduction, high image sharpness and rich contrast. The interfaces support the latest technical standards and the power consumption is at a moderate level. The extensive ergonomic adjustments completes the very convincing package.”

    PC Welt
    Jan 2016

    ViewSonic VP2780-4K Test

    ViewSonic VP2780-4K Test

    “Who attaches great importance to the image quality and want to tap a good IPS panel for less than 1,000 euros can buy the ViewSonic VP2780-4K without hesitation. It is a very good monitor especially for demanding users and graphic designers - but also occasional gamers should get along easily with the speed of reaction. The setting options are many and thanks to the latest technology, such as HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.2 you are ready for the future .”
    Nov 2015

    VP2780-4K - Scored 5/5 at "The grand test"

    VP2780-4K - Scored 5/5 at

    “Viewsonic VP2780-4K the Ultra HD monitor that makes you dream! High-end product designed for professionals dealing with images. This monitor is amazing and images are very high quality !”

    The grand test
    Nov 2015

    Elgato recommends the ViewSonic 4K Monitor for ultimate image quality

    Elgato recommends the ViewSonic 4K Monitor for ultimate image quality

    “Elgato Thunderbolt™ 2 Dock features a built-in HDMI port that can drive a display of your choice. Whether you're looking for a professional-grade screen to meet your standards of color reproduction, a non-glare model to cope with reflections in your office, or a display that trumps all others in size, supported resolutions up to 4K have you covered.”

    Oct 2015

    VP2780-4k review

    VP2780-4k review

    “Viewsonic's VP-2780-4K is the most exciting monitor of 2015. The combination of solid quality, future proof connections, calibrated accurate colour and an affordable price demonstrate that 4K is now mainstream.”

    MacDirectory Magazine
    Oct 2015

    Review: ViewSonic VP2780-4K

    Review: ViewSonic VP2780-4K

    “ViewSonic understands the premium 4K monitor market is littered with relatively inexpensive displays that use very similar panels. Aiming for a different beat with the VP2780-4K, designed for multimedia professionals first and foremost, ViewSonic has a number of hits and a few misses.
    Excellent colour accuracy and uniformity are undoubted strong points, […]It’s out-of-the-box performance is top-notch for those that need it most.
    ViewSonic has chosen to appeal to a wide cross-section of professional users with the VP2780-4K and, in the main, succeeded. The large price premium over regular 4K screens is justified by high colour- and uniformity-accurate performance out of the box. If that's what you need, put the VP2780-4K on a shortlist.”
    Jul 2015

    ViewSonic VP2780-4K review

    ViewSonic VP2780-4K review

    “The lack of consumer features means this screen isn't suitable for home use, but that's fine – it's a professional panel through-and-through and, in areas where it really matters, the ViewSonic delivers. It's got fantastic image quality, a high resolution and a huge amount of versatility. If you're after a high-quality screen for professional purposes but don't want to break the four-figure barrier then this is an excellent option. 4/5”

    Jun 2015

    ViewSonic VP2780-4K 27-inch Ultra HD Monitor Review

    ViewSonic VP2780-4K 27-inch Ultra HD Monitor Review

    “We haven’t had a ViewSonic display in the labs for quite a while but its reputation for a solid build and good quality control is still intact. […] There is no doubt this monitor is designed for professional use, yet its price tag is a little lower than expected.”

    tom's HARDWARE
    Jul 2015

    ViewSonic VP2780-4K

    ViewSonic VP2780-4K

    “The ViewSonic VP2780-4K is expensive for a consumer monitor at £699, although relatively cheap when set against professional monitors with full Adobe RGB colour and polished OSD menus, for which you can expect to pay closer to twice the price. The warranty is useful with its zero dead-pixel warranty, making the VP2780-4K an accessible UHD monitor with 100 percent sRGB for professionals on a tighter budget. 4/5”

    PC Advisor
    Apr 2015



    “The VP2780-4K was a very positive surprise for our team. It is an ideal solution to professionally test the 4K-capabilities of high Quality Notebooks which are used as Workstations. Especially for highly demanding applications and professional Notebook-users the VP2780-4K is a really good choice.”

    Apr 2015

    Product review

    Product review

    “The ViewSonic VP2780-4K is a great solution if you want to use your Notebook as a Desktop and if you require high Resolution. The Quality of the Display is all in all very good. Even with the Standard Setup the Monitor Displays colours 100% correctly and the highly ergonomic design allows to Position the Monitor in a very comfortable way.”

    Apr 2015

    Product review

    Product review

    “The ViewSonic VP2780-4K is designed to offer strong colour performance at a competitive price. Overall this monitor provided a strong all-round performance. It is not perfect, like every model out there, but it should make your shortlist if you’re interested in a UHD model of this size. 85%”

    PC Monitor
    May 2015

    ViewSonic VP2780-4k

    “There are still ongoing issues using a 4K screen for the Windows desktop and in games I’ve noticed, but these are likely to be addressed as products like this one become more commonplace. In the meantime, if you’d like a decent 4K panel but refuse to pay silly money, then the ViewSonic VP2780-4k is a very plausible option. 8/10”

    Micro Mart
    May 2015

    ViewSonic VP2780-4K review

    ViewSonic VP2780-4K review

    “It’s expensive, but the ViewSonic justifies its price in several key areas. It’s got quality that trumps rival screens in almost all departments, a high resolution and plenty of versatility. Those doing normal office work just don’t need to spend so much on a professional screen, but it’s worth the cash if you’re doing colour-sensitive image or video work. 8/10”

    Trusted Review
    May 2015

    TEST / VP2780-4K

    TEST / VP2780-4K

    “Even if it meets a very specific need thanks to its high definition on a so modest diagonal, the VP2780-HD shows the Viewsonic's expertise in graphic design with a high-standard rendering, a solid frame and beautiful finishes.”

    Les Numériques
    Jun 2015

    ViewSonic VP2780-4K

    ViewSonic VP2780-4K

    “Beyond the figures, our experience after a few days working with it is that it offers an excellent quality, with crisp, real and deep colours and a smooth and well-defined gradients”

    Jun 2015

    ViewSonic VP2780-4K review: 27-inch, 4K monitor for professional imaging

    ViewSonic VP2780-4K review: 27-inch, 4K monitor for professional imaging

    “Resolution alone does not guarantee a better image; refresh rate is important too, which for 4K is mainly limited by the bandwidth of the video interface. Over HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 the maximum refresh rate is limited to 60Hz, which is better than the 30Hz of HDMI 1.4 but arguably still slow enough that image quality -- particularly on moving images -- is affected. The most recent standard, DisplayPort 1.3, supports 4K at up to 120Hz refresh and may appear in products in 2016. The VP2780-4K's image quality is very good and the careful factory calibration means that it may be possible to use this monitor for colour-critical tasks without further colour management. Other manufacturers supply 27-inch 4K monitors, of course, but it's hard to find a comparable display with the professional colour specifications of ViewSonic's VP2780-4K at this price point. 8.0/10”

    Jul 2015

    ViewSonic VP2780-4K

    ViewSonic VP2780-4K

    “The VP2780-4K offered a very good all-round screen with a robust and sturdy design and feature set. The versatile stand, wide range of connectivity options and useful extras like USB 3.0 ports and PiP/PbP were pleasing, and showed that ViewSonic continue to offer high end features from their VP series. The design of the screen is fairly industrial and perhaps lacks the wow factor of some alternative designs in the market. Maybe the stand needs a bit of a refresh in the future? However, it is solid and reliable and will no doubt suit a lot of people's taste all the same.
    This is the first of their VP range to offer Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution, and it does this well - offering 60Hz refresh rate support over both DisplayPort and HDMI 2.0. As ever with super high resolutions like this you need to keep in mind the support for effective scaling from your operating system and applications. You also need to consider the demands on your graphics card when it comes to multimedia uses at such a high resolution. The high pixel density on a 27" screen size provided a sharp and clear image which is the main aim of course.
    In other performance areas the factory calibration provided a decent default setup with reliable gamma, white point and a strong contrast ratio. You don't have the option of wide gamut support on this model like the previous VP2772, so keep that in mind if you wanted to work with wide gamut content. The flicker free backlight and light AG coating were welcome as ever and although the response time was slightly slower than other 60Hz IPS panels it was still pretty decent, and at least free from noticeable overshoot. The display lag was also pretty low and so the screen could be a reasonable option for Ultra HD gaming on an IPS panel at the moment. There were only really a couple of minor performance negatives we felt. We would have gladly sacrificed a bit off the top end of the very high brightness adjustment range for the sake of a bit more control at the lower end in an ideal World. Also there wasn't an aspect ratio option to maintain the source aspect but fill more of the screen. You have 1:1 at least, but we would have liked this additional option. Overall though we are picking a bit and the screen impressed us with very good all-round performance and a wide selection of extras.”

    TFT Central
    Apr 2016

    PRAD “Good” VP2780

    PRAD “Good” VP2780

    “Der ViewSonic VP2780-4K entpuppt sich nicht nur äußerlich als kraftvolles und robustes Arbeitstier mit ausgezeichneten Ergonomiefunktionen. Auch hinsichtlich der inneren Werte hat der Hersteller nicht zu viel versprochen. Auch die Ausleuchtung beim Schwarzbildtest kann überzeugen. Kontrast, Schwarzwert und auch der Im-Bild-Kontrast des VP2780-4K sind ausgezeichnet, so dass auch die Videowiedergabe ein brillantes Bild liefert.”

    PRAD ProAdviser GmbH & Co.
    Sep 2015

    4K Monitor Test 2015 - Die 5 besten 4K Monitore im Vergleich.

    4K Monitor Test 2015 - Die 5 besten 4K Monitore im Vergleich.

    “Der Monitor überzeugt dank farbtreuer Darstellung und vielfältigen Einstellungs-möglichkeiten. Er ist ideal für professionellen Grafikeinsatz, hoch ergonomisch und im Bereich der professionellen Monitore mit breitem Farbraum preisgünstig.”

    May 2015



    “Der VP2780-4K hat uns positiv überrascht und ist eine ideale Lösung, um im professionellen Workstation-Bereich die 4k-Fähigkeiten dieser Notebook-Klasse professionell zu prüfen. Vor allem für anspruchsvolle Anwendungen und professionelle Notebook-Nutzer ist der VP2780-4K eine sehr gute Wahl.”

    Jun 2015

    VP2780-4K : tout le savoir-faire de Viewsonic

    VP2780-4K : tout le savoir-faire de Viewsonic

    “S'il répond à un besoin vraiment spécifique avec sa très haute définition sur une diagonale aussi modeste, le VP2780-HD démontre cependant le savoir-faire de Viewsonic en matière de graphisme, avec un rendu de qualité, un châssis solide et de belles finitions.”

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