LCD Technologies


Ultra HD Displays

Beauty is in the details, that’s why each ViewSonic monitor is designed to deliver the ultimate in detail and clarity.

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4K vs FHD (PDF)

Why 4K matters and the amazing benefits of 4K for professionals and for entertainment use.

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MultiPicture (PDF)

Increased functionality and customized work space with up to four split windows from different input.

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SuperClear® Technology

Experience consistent colour and high colour coverage from all angles.

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ViewMode Technology

Effectively enhances the visual impact of all your content on-screen by optimising the R, G, B gamma curves.

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Delta E (PDF)

ViewSonic’s Delta E ≦2 colour accuracy means superior, accurate colour reproduction, achieving better colour difference.

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Gamma (PDF)

Gamma is used to correct the brightness in an image’s colour through colour shading balance in a pixel‘s value.

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Colour Gamut (PDF)

The colour gamut describes the range of colour within the spectrum of colours that are identifiable by the human.

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Look Up Tables (LUT) are colour correction tools that take the values of the colour signals and converts them into colour.

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Low Input Lag Functionality (PDF)

The low input lag will allow you to react in real time against any competitor for a win every time.

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Eye Care

Flicker Free

Take care of your eyes with ViewSonic Flicker-Free Technology.

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Blue Light Filter

Protect your eyes without compromising on colour.

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Energy Saving

TCO calculator

Find out how much you could save with ViewSonic’s Eco mode.

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