24" FHD Flicker Free LED Monitor with 144Hz, 1ms, DVI, 2 x HDMI, DisplayPort, 2 USB, Speakers, Full Ergonomic Stand and Aim Point Assistant

  • The ViewSonic VG2401mh is the ultimate 24’’ gaming display designed for avid gamers. It features a rapid 144Hz refresh rate, ultra-fast 1ms response time and Game mode to naturally and smoothly represent high-speed images and greater detail in dark scenes and images. The aimpoint assistant helps gamers to stay on target and improve the shooting accruacy. The VG2401mh is the perfect display for FPS, RTS and fast-paced racing games. Equipped with 1920 x 1080p resolution, 30M:1 DCR and dual 3W stereo speakers, the VG2401mh delivers crisp, superior colour performance and crystal-clear sound quality. With integrated dual HDMI inputs, one DisplayPort input, and dual USB hub connectivity, gamers have greater flexibility when connecting their game consoles, Blu-ray DVD players and other devices to their display. VG2401mh is a flicker free monitor with blue light filter eye-care technologies. The VG2401mh also features a built-in ECO-Mode for saving energy. Plus, the VG2401mh is fully ergonomic with -5° to 20° tilt, 120° swivel, 90° pivot, 120mm height adjustment and a 100mm x 100mm VESA-compliant mount for more flexible installation options in any setting.

    Ultra Smooth 144Hz Rapid Refresh Rate for Blur-Free, Natural Movement

    Perfect for fast-paced racing and FPS gaming, the VG2401mh gaming monitor refreshes the screen 144 times per second – 2.4 faster than a conventional 60Hz display. This produces natural-looking, ultra smooth movement with no motion blur. Now, each of your enemy’s moves is clearly seen on-screen with fluid-like smooth movement, crisp edges, and with no perceivable lagging.


    Blazing-Fast Response Time for Blur-Free Action

    ViewSonic’s exclusive ClearMotiv™II imaging technology delivers ultra-fast 1 millisecond liquid crystal response times, creating smooth images without streaking, blurring or ghosting. This blazing-fast response time is perfect for the most graphic-intense gaming needs, and just as great for watching sports or action movies. Experience digital broadcast-quality, full-motion video with razor-sharp images that never blur.


    Game Mode

    ViewSonic’s Game Mode provides heightened visibility and detail by brightening dark scenes. Dominate the competition with enhanced visibility, even in the darkest scenes of a video game, delivering superior colour performance for the ultimate gaming experience.


    Aim-Point Assistant for Better FPS Gaming Accuracy

    ViewSonic’s Aim-Point Assistant gives you the shooting advantage and improves your FPS gaming accuracy. Aim-Point Assistant comes in two colours and fits inside the larger, less-accurate crosshairs that are featured in most popular games and vary from weapon-to-weapon. Activated by hotkey, it lets you stay centred and stay on target – both up-close and at sniper distance. Help you to shoot at the right target in short seconds.


    Full HD 1080p for Superior Pixel Performance

    The ViewSonic VG2401mh features Full HD 1920x1080 resolution for unbelievable pixel-by-pixel image performance. You’ll experience the most amazing clarity and detail whether it be while gaming or enjoying the latest in multimedia entertainment. A 16:9 widescreen ratio minimises eye fatigue even after hours of playtime, and is perfectly compatible with multi-window viewing without toggling.


    ViewSonic Flicker-Free Viewing for Improved Eye Comfort

    ViewSonic flicker-free displays deliver on the promise of more comfortable viewing. Rather than using Pulse Width Modulation that continuously turns the LED backlight on and off, ViewSonic flicker-free displays use DC modulation backlights that maintain a steady stream of direct current power—nearly eliminating screen flickering at all brightness levels by providing a constant LED light source. This lets you work at your computer, play games, or watch movies longer – without eye fatigue.


    Blue Light Filter for More Comfortable Viewing

    Prolonged exposure to certain levels of blue light can cause eye discomfort. ViewSonic displays feature a Blue Light Filter setting that allows users to adjust the amount of blue light emitted from the screen, enabling longer viewing times and increased eye comfort for work and multimedia applications.


    Ergonomic Design for Comfort and Productivity

    With advanced ergonomic features, ViewSonic displays are designed to provide a greater range of adjustment for increased productivity and comfort. Users can reduce eyestrain and physical fatigue by adjusting the monitor via 120-degree swivel, 90-degree pivot, -5 to 20-degree tilt, and 120mm height adjust options.


    Dual HDMI for Greater Home Entertainment Flexibility

    Dual HDMI lets you connect to game consoles, Blu-ray players, digital cameras, laptops, satellite boxes, and other high-definition devices. This provides flexible installation that allows users to set up an entertainment centre around the VG2401mh. In addition, the dual HDMI ports can also function as MHL ports for easy connectivity to mobile devices.


    Versatile Connectivity with DisplayPort and USB

    The latest standard for rapid transmission of data, DisplayPort future-proofs the VG2401mh and delivers the best refresh rate, highest resolution, and incredibly rich colours. It’s easy and convenient to connect additional peripherals or accessories with the integrated USB hub.


    Dual Integrated Stereo Speakers and A Headphone Port for Great Sound

    The ViewSonic VG2401mh has dual built-in 3W stereo speakers for crystal-clear stereo sound, and also comes equipped with an audio-out mini jack for users to plug in headphones and enjoy enhanced multimedia sound.


    Pixel Performance
    Guarantee and 3-Year Limited Warranty

    One of the aspects that makes ViewSonic a market leader in displays is its dedication to quality. ViewSonic is committed to using the highest grade panels and offers the industry's leading pixel performance policy.

    Pixel Performance LED Display
    2008 Standard
    • 2 Bright
      2 Dark
      5 Total
    Pixel Guarantee
    • 2 Bright
      2 Dark
      3 Total


    The ViewSonic VG2401mh features a 100 x 100mm VESA-mountable design that allows you to mount the display on a monitor stand or on a wall, depending on your specific needs. You can easily unscrew the base, and then mount the display on its new stand or wall mount.


    Eco-Mode Conserves More Energy

    ViewSonic’s proprietary Eco-mode feature is built into all LED displays, offering options to select ʺOptimise(75%)ʺ or ʺConserve (50%)ʺ settings that save up to 25% power. Especially in low ambient light, Eco-mode adjusts brightness and improves visibility, while reducing eye fatigue and prolonging the display's lamp life. With Eco-mode, both lamp replacement and energy expenditures are reduced.

    Planet-Friendly Mercury-Free LED Backlighting

    LED backlighting enhances display performance, delivers an outstanding colour range, and adjusts contrast ratios for remarkably detailed images. ViewSonic's eco-friendly, mercury-free LED backlighting further conserves up to 25% more energy when compared to conventional displays. In addition, LED backlighting provides for a slim, lightweight profile that saves desktop space.



    Download VG2401mh Energy Fiche

    Register and receive a 4 years warranty upgrade

    Model No.: VG2401mh
    LCD Optimum Resolution 1920 x 1080
    Contrast Ratio 1000:1 (Typ)
    Viewing Angles 170° / 160°
    Response Time Gdelta: 1 ms
    Panel Surface Anti-Glare type, Hard-coating (3H)
    Display Area 531.36 (H) x 298.89 (V) mm
    Colour Support 16.7 M (true 8-bit)
    Size 24" diagonal colour active matrix TFT LCD
    Brightness 350 cd/m2 (Typ)
    Dynamic Contrast Ratio 30M:1
    Backlight WLED light bar
    Backlight Life 30,000 Hrs (Min)
    Connector USB USB 3.0 x2
    Power Internal power board
    Video DVI x1, DP x1, HDMI x2
    Audio Out 3.5mn Headphone out x1
    Audio Input 3.5mm Audio in x1
    Speaker 3W x2
    DIMENSIONS Physical Without Stand 568.2 x 335.7 x 51.2 mm
    Packaging 620 x 460 x 183 mm
    Physical With Stand 568.2 x 529.7 x 217.9 mm
    Power Cable,
    Audio Cable,
    DVI Cable,
    USB Cable,
    Quick Start Guide,
    ViewSonic Wizard CD-ROM,
    *Actual content may differ from market to market
    INPUT SIGNAL Analogue N/A
    Digital HDMI / DVI/DP (TMDS, 100ohms)
    Frequency Fh = 24 ~138 kHz ; Fv = 50 ~120 Hz for HDMI
    Fh = 24 ~160 kHz ; Fv = 50 ~145 Hz for DVI / DP
    POWER Optimize 32W (Typ)
    Conserve 27W (Typ)
    Power-Saving Mode (stand-by) ≦ 0.5W
    Voltage AC 100-240V (Universal); 50/60 Hz
    Consumption 37W (Typ)
    VESA® MOUNT   100 x 100 mm
    ERGONOMICS Rotation 90º
    Tilt 20º ~ -5º
    Swivel 120º
    Height Adjustment 120mm
    WEIGHT Net With Stand 6.45 kg
    Net Without Stand 3.45 kg
    Gross 8 kg
    OPERATING CONDITIONS Temperature 0°C to 40°C
    Humidity 10% to 90% (no condensation)
    Jan 2016

    Viewsonic VG2401mh / VG2401mh-2

    Viewsonic VG2401mh / VG2401mh-2

    “Regarding ergonomics and features there is nothing to complain about when looking at the VG2401mh and its Qualities as a gaming Monitor - because of its fast reaction time and quick Display refresh rate. Escpecially when you Need fast reactions and smooth Images the VH2401mh is a great coice.”

    Jul 2015

    Custom PC Approved Award

    “The VG2401mh works well at 144Hz regardless of your GPU, with good desktop image quality, little ghosting, a wide range of display inputs and an adjustable stand. If your budget can’t quite stretch to a variable refresh rate panel, the ViewSonic is a good budget alternative. 84%”

    Custom PC
    Dec 2014

    ViewSonic VG2401mh

    ViewSonic VG2401mh

    “Ultimately it’s the high refresh rate that’s the biggest selling point here. It’s a good quality screen, and if you’re updating an older monitor you’ll really notice the difference. The stand and base are sturdy, but if you don’t like it you can always mount the monitor on the wall.”

    Game Reactor
    Feb 2015

    ViewSonic VG2401mh Review

    ViewSonic VG2401mh Review

    “Overall ViewSonic’s 24” gaming monitor is a worthy companion for the FPS gamer because of its quick times and smoothness. Technically advantaged with frames rendering quicker and the Game Mode being a quick fire way to see everything. The price point might be high for some at £250 but a gamer looking to up their game will be happy with the trade. Even though aimed at FPS gamers it is a well-rounded gaming monitor with 3D compatibility if you use it and should last you with the 3 years warranty. For advanced Photoshoppers and artists who also do a little gaming, although useable is not the right monitor for exact colour due to the overclocked panel. 4/5”

    Jan 2015

    Viewsonic VG2401mh Review

    Viewsonic VG2401mh Review

    “Well built and easy to use/assemble, mixed with some great gaming (and overall) display quality win the VG2401mh our performance award.”

    Hardware Heaven
    Jan 2015

    VG2401mh Review

    VG2401mh Review

    “One of the biggest advantages of this display is the amazing viwing angle (170 degree horizontal, 160 degree vertical) and the fact that you can change the height by up to 110mm. It makes perfect sense to order the product and give it at least a try.”

    Mar 2015

    Test: Viewsonic VG2401mh Gaming-Monitor

    Test: Viewsonic VG2401mh Gaming-Monitor

    “Der ViewSonic VG2401mh ist mit seinen 24 Zoll, Full-HD-Auflösung und 144 Hz Bildwiederholfrequenz ein ordentlicher Gaming-Monitor. Hinzu kommen zahlreiche Bildmodi, mit denen jeder das Gezeigte an seine persönlichen Wünsche anpassen kann. Umwelt- und Augenschonende Features wie der Eco Mode und der Blaulichtfilter runden das Paket ab. Dazu zahlreiche Anschlüsse: DVI, DisplayPort sowie USB UP, die Anschlüsse für HDMI und USB 3.0 sind jeweils sogar im Doppelpack vertreten.”

    Dec 2014

    ViewSonic VG2401mh

    ViewSonic VG2401mh

    “Ultimately it’s the high refresh rate that’s the biggest selling point here. It’s a good quality screen, and if you’re updating an older monitor you’ll really notice the difference. The stand and base are sturdy, but if you don’t like it you can always mount the monitor on the wall.”

    Feb 2015

    Review: Viewsonic LED VG2401mh Gaming Monitor

    Review: Viewsonic LED VG2401mh Gaming Monitor

    “Summarizing, it is a very recommendable display for a regular gamer who wants to have a good quality monitor, and not too much big, with an accessible resolution for an high-mid-range portable hardware or mid- range desktop hardware.”

    Mar 2015

    Обзор монитора ViewSonic VG2401mh

    Обзор монитора ViewSonic VG2401mh

    “Уже не первый год производители игрового железа, девайсов и периферии берут на вооружение идеи, которые призваны упростить игрокам жизнь. Мыши космического дизайна с удобными раскладками кнопок, клавиатуры, препятствующие фантомным нажатиям. Даже до ноутбуков инженеры добрались и там окопались. Не обошлись без геймерской «заточки» и мониторы, один из которых стал объектом нашего пристального внимания. Речь идет о мониторе ViewSonic VG2401mh, который характеризуется частотой 144 Гц при времени отклика всего в 1 мс. Вкупе это позволяет избежать «блюра» изображения, сохраняя его максимально четким, что особенно пригодится любителям сетевых шутеров и других драйвовых игр. Впрочем, и остальные игроки тоже должны остаться довольны. Давайте разбираться, что к чему.”
    Mar 2015

    Не бойся! Тестирование игрового монитора ViewSonic VG2401mh

    Не бойся! Тестирование игрового монитора ViewSonic VG2401mh

    “Одна из главных неприятностей в сетевых шутерах — враг, засевший в темном углу. Разглядеть гада сложно, зато получить от него пулю — раз плюнуть. Как утверждает ViewSonic, проблема решаема: достаточно повысить яркость темных зон. Проверить правдивость этих слов мы решили на примере игрового VG2401mh — его матрица на 144 Гц поддерживает несколько нестандартных технологий, в списке которых как раз и числится работа с проблемными частями картинки.”
    Feb 2015

    ЖК-монитор ViewSonic VG2401mh

    ЖК-монитор ViewSonic VG2401mh

    “Вне всякого сомнения высокая частота обновления способствует достижению высокой результативности в активных играх. Не лишним для игроков будет и режим с улучшенной различимостью объектов, а также экранное перекрестие прицела. Все это присутствует в случае ЖК-монитора ViewSonic VG2401mh, обзор которого мы представляем нашим читателям. ”
    Feb 2015

    Viewsonic VG2401mh: настоящий игровой монитор.

    “Хотите купить игровой монитор, но не знаете какой? Обратите внимание на Viewsonic VG2401mh. Все подробности в новом Видео эпизоде!
    Jan 2015

    ViewSonic VG2401mh Oyuncu Monitörü İncelemesi

    ViewSonic VG2401mh Oyuncu Monitörü İncelemesi

    “ViewSonic VG2401mh çok hızlı ve ergonomik bir oyuncu monitörü, özellikle hızlı oyunlar oynayanlar için standart monitörlerin çok ötesinde bir deneyim sunuyor.”

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