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Application upgrade


Will my device update automatically?How do I enable automatic updating for my applications?


If you go to Android Market, you can find 3 tabs, Apps, Games, & Downloads. Please tap "Downloads", you will then find the applications that have already been downloaded and installed.
If any "Update" is available for any of your installed applications an icon will be shown, to show a newer version is available. Please click the icon and press "Update" button, which will then start the update.

If you want to update applications automatically, you can choose the option "Allow automatic updating".

▲ An internet connection (Wi-Fi, GPRS/3G, etc.) is REQUIRED to access this service. Your operator may charge for going through GPRS/3G. ▲ This update may require Wi-Fi or GPRS/3G function enabling, and power consumption may shorten the device battery usage.

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