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Why Choose Curved Monitors?

Explore the fun in life with curved monitors, whether it’s for gaming, entertainment, or professional use, ViewSonic’s curved monitor series sheds a new light on what’s possible with immersive visuals.

With so many varieties of monitors in the market today, they come in all shapes and sizes. From flat to curved monitors, we tend to gravitate toward something that is different. Since flat monitors have been around longer, anything new is going to catch attention. But, why should we choose curved monitors over flat ones? Let us find out.

Immersive Viewing

Wider Views

Less Distortion

Eye Friendly

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Immersion Before Your Very Eyes

A wider screen is naturally able to display more information and thus provide more content on the screen, which will make viewing far more immersive than before. A panoramic view is something that we seek as luxury and this is no exception. From photos to screens, from home theaters to movie theaters, a wider screen provides a level of immersion that you have never experienced before. On top of curved edges, it will truly submerge you in a viewing abyss.

Larger Perceived Field of View

A curved screen usually gives viewers the sensation that they are looking at 3D images, but in actuality, the images are in 2D. This is because the enclosing edges draw you in and enhance the visual perception of depth. The bent edges provide a viewing experience that’s as if you are looking at a wider image than you actually are.

Images Are No Longer Distorted

Eyes are spherical, so images actually appear distorted when flat objects reflect on the retina. With a curved monitor, images enclose your viewing peripherals so there is less distortion no matter where you sit; colour accuracy and image quality stay consistent from any vantage point as well.

Easy on the Eyes

Curved screens in movie theaters are able to retain picture quality throughout the entirety of their massive screens. The same concept applies to a curved monitor; the enclosing edges coincide with our spherical eyes, so viewers are able to focus their attention on the screen without having to look across the curtains, thus, reducing eyestrain.

Live in the Moment

Curved monitors create immersive viewing experiences when you put on your favorite action film. Live in the action with its round edges, guaranteeing a moment you will never forget.

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With superior colour precision and Delta E<2 colour accuracy, the curved monitor line enables industry professionals to make crucial adjustments. Working in 100% sRGB colour space does not hurt either, ensuring that colour in your project stays perfectly aligned across devices and on the web. IPS panel technology delivers excellent image quality, whether you are looking at the screen from above, below, front, or the side.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve

Immersion during gameplay becomes a reality with curved monitors. See where opponents can’t see and gain a competitive edge with this winning formula. High 144Hz refresh rate helps to deliver great visual fluidity and awesome graphics no matter how quickly the in-game action unfolds. AMD FreeSync™ technology synchronises the frame rate output between your graphics card and monitor to eliminate image tearing and stuttering for smooth gameplay. The excellent internals are backed with a stunningly quick 1ms response time, delivering smooth images without streaking, blurring, or ghosting. In addition, the curved monitor line for gaming features 5 levels of rapid response rate (Standard, Fast, Faster, Ultra-fast, Fastest) that helps to correct “overshoot” and motion blur when gaming at high refresh rates.

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