Enhances on-screen content

ViewMode technology enhances on-screen content

ViewSonic ViewMode technology effectively enhances the visual impact of all your content on-screen by optimising the R, G, B gamma curves for different types of digital content. These optimised gamma curve settings for different viewing scenarios adjust the grayscale purity and brightness intensity controlled to deliver better screen performance.

ViewMode not only calibrates the gamma curves to best suit each digital scenario, but also offers the best color temperature, brightness, contrast, saturation and hue for on-screen images. Best of all, users can easily select the optimised mode for their current task at the touch of a button.

Choose from 5 different scenario presets

Game mode

To enhance darker scenes and improve visibility in brighter ones, ViewMode adjusts the gamma curve to create deeper, more stunning details. With the ViewMode Game scenario preset, gamers no longer need to turn up the brightness on their screens to experience more balanced screen colour performance.


Viewer eye fatigue is minimised with a contrast setting designed to make large and detailed scenes more defined and easier to see. With more available grey colours, on-screen colours don’t appear saturated and image outlines are softened, especially when displaying spectacular night scenes in movies.

Web mode

Great for viewing photos, graphics and browsing webpages, our ViewMode helps display improved colour richness that is only limited by the content itself. An adjusted gamma curve improves contrast and colour reproduction for everything, from skin tone to scenery.

Text mode

ViewMode for text provides a more comfortable reading experience that is easier on the eyes. With a sepia-like appearance – similar to the color of the pages of an actual book – the color temperature is warmer, and contrast and brightness is fine-tuned to best display PDFs and other e-documents.

Mono mode

ViewMode Mono provides clearer and more obvious detail with even more shades of gray, making it suited for black and white photos such as X-ray images. Similar to the DICOM standard, this creates a useful diagnostic tool for students, professionals and black-and-white photographers.

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