SonicExpert™ Exclusive speaker design for audibly better sound LightStream™ Projectors


Our senses allow us to experience the world we live. ViewSonic care so much about satisfying your senses that our brand name even incorporates our 2 main senses.

Just because projector speakers are small, they shouldn’t deliver less enjoyment. Our exclusive speakers – featuring SonicExpert™ technology – are powerful enough to fill your meeting room with wall-to-wall sound – an improvement over the speakers of competing products in the same class.

Improved materials

Rigid and lightweight materials deliver better sound for smaller speakers. As a result weve changed the speakers edge from foam to rubber, and the cone from paper to polypropylene.

Richer bass

Weve enlarged the speaker chamber by 30% to boost the feedback power of the speaker unit. Enlarging the volume of the chamber creates a wider frequency range, reduces distortion and lets sound travel farther.

Increased power

Weve added an extra capacitor to the amplifier circuit to increase the power. The result is a higher and louder sound pressure level than comparable projector speakers.

Optimised sound with SonicMode*

SonicMode technology contains optimised audio modes for 3 scenarios.

 1. Standard: balanced sound for most types of audio
 2. Speech: best for spoken word and conference calls
 3. Entertainment: tuned for music & video with more bass

*Applies to PLED-W800 and LightStream projectors with 10W & 16W speakers

Featured Projectors


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PJD7720HD Proiettore DLP Home Entertainment PJD7720HD 3.200 Lumen 1080p per Presentazioni SuperColor® in alta definizione


PJD7828HDL Proiettore PJD7828HDL LightStream™ Full HD


PJD7828HDLP LightStream™ Full HD Projector


Pro7827HD 2,000 Lumens 1080p Home Projector


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