Collaborating with Solstice™ Software:
Key Features and Benefits

You’re considering Solstice visual collaboration software to bring more effectiveness and engagement to your meetings or classrooms. What are the key benefits offered by this solution?


Solstice is an enterprise-class solution loaded with robust features designed to leverage today’s technology trends to cost-effectively improve collaboration. In brief, these include:

  • Broad support enabling content sharing for unlimited users and unlimited posts using any individual Windows, Apple, or mobile device for Android™
  • Connectivity via existing WiFi/Ethernet network – no cables needed
  • Leverages existing equipment – no proprietary hardware needed
  • Easy installation on standard Windows PCs, connected to any display/projector with support for any resolution
  • 45-second meeting/class start up via free Solstice app or access key
  • Rich, virtually unlimited content sharing with synchronized audio
  • Customizable drag and drop, user-controlled screen layout
  • Access control with multiple use modes for security and efficiency
  • Future-proof software architecture with one-click software updates
  • Ultra-low latency for minimal delay between client devices & display
  • Display naming and discovery for compliant network traffic routing
  • Numerous network security and flexibility features including standard TCP/IP traffic and configurable base ports
  • Centralized management to support, configure and manage up to hundreds of Solstice displays
  • PC-less Solstice Pod™ option – turnkey solution combining Solstice software with a cost-effective, high-performance hardware platform
What you'll need

What you’ll need to leverage your existing display technology and individual mobile devices for effective collaboration:

  • Solstice software installed on a Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC and connected to a large format display, multi-touch display or projector to collaborate over existing WiFi/Ethernet networks


  • The Solstice Pod for turnkey wireless collaboration in rooms without a dedicated PC


  • Free Solstice app downloaded to student/ instructor devices

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