Extend the Life of Your Monitor Investment
With Advanced Connectivity & More

You want to increase ROI on your new monitor purchases by extending the useful life of the displays. What features should you consider?


A monitor’s useful lifespan is extended when it can support your future devices, employee and application needs, as well as those needs you’re looking to support when you purchase the monitors. While you can’t predict with certainty what these needs will be, several features offer added “future-proof” flexibility to your monitors. One key way to ensure your monitors are equipped for years of use is to choose models that include several connectivity options. This enables interface with your legacy and current devices, as well as those you’re likely to acquire down the road. At a minimum, HDMI and VGA inputs enable use of a wide range of older and current peripherals. The addition of DisplayPort further covers the gamut of business PCs, laptops, projectors and other multimedia devices. Additional longevity-enhancing features can also boost monitor suitability for today’s user along with tomorrow’s workforce, including:

  • Premium panel technologies that deliver wide-angle viewing and enhanced color performance.
  • Preset viewing modes that optimize screen performance in different applications – such as ViewSonic’s exclusive ViewMode™ – deliver flexible, easy adjustments for varied users & apps
  • Advanced ergonomic adjustment capabilities like swivel, pivot, tilt and height adjust that offer individualized comfort for increased productivity
What you'll need

Any ViewSonic® monitor featuring premium panel, multiple inputs and other longevityenhancing features, such as the:

  • ViewSonic VA2252Sm / VA2452Sm 22"/24" Full HD Multimedia LED Monitors with DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA
  • ViewSonic VA2265Smh / VA2465Smh 22"/24" Full HD Multimedia LED Monitors with HDMI and VGA
  • ViewSonic VG2233Smh / VG2433Smh 22"/24" Full HD Ergonomic LED Monitors with HDMI, DVI, and VGA
  • ViewSonic VG2239Smh/VG2439Smh 22"/24" Full HD Ergonomic LED Monitors with HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA

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