Upgrade from SMART to ViewSonic LightStream Projectors

You’d like to replace your old SMART projectors with ViewSonic LightStream® projectors to benefit from their amazing brightness, color accuracy, and audio performance. You don’t have staff, time or budget to spare, however, and you’re concerned that the install will be time consuming and/or that you’ll need to purchase new whiteboards. Is there an easy, cost- effective way to accomplish this upgrade?


With growing awareness that ViewSonic LightStream 6 short throw projectors outperform virtually any SMART projector model in the same class, many education IT professionals have inquired about this very topic. Designed to facilitate this upgrade, the ViewSonic Adapter Plate for SMART Boards makes it easy to replace old SMART projectors with a ViewSonic LightStream projector – and continue to use existing interactive whiteboards. Installation typically takes less than 30 minutes and requires no prior installation experience or training. Teachers, students and staff can immediately begin enjoying the advantages of true-to-life color, flexible connectivity and smart design delivered by ViewSonic LightStream 6 networkable projectors.

What you'll need

What you’ll need to easily replace an old SMART projector while continuing to use your existing whiteboard:

• ViewSonic® PJ-IWBADP-001 Adapter Plate

- Mounts ViewSonic LightStream® PJD6352LS and PJD6552LWS networkable projectors

• Upgrade from these SMART projectors models:




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