How to Send Long Range A/V Signals in a Quick, Compact & Cost-effective Way

You’re looking for an easy-to-implement, cost-effective way to extend AV signal transmission in a large classroom, conference room or other large Pro AV installation environment. Your design calls for clutter-free, hidden device placement, so you’re looking for compact, long-range transmission that fits your budget constraints.


Cost-effective long-range signal extension is now possible in a small form factor with the ViewSonic® HB10B HDBaseT Transmitter and Receiver kit. Featuring an HDBaseT dongle and integrated HDMI connector in a miniature form factor, the receiver seamlessly plugs into almost any HDMI-based display device, including the PortAll® compartment on select ViewSonic projectors, for discreet streaming of uncompressed multimedia content from set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, AV receivers and more.

The powerful HDBaseT transmitter reliably extends signals 7x farther than a 10m HDMI cable, and for less cost than conventional HDMI/repeater solutions – from up to 35 meters for 4k/2k video and up to 70 meters for 1080p video using a standard network cable. Built to meet the exacting HDMI 3D content specifications for capacity, performance, resolution, and color, the ViewSonic HB10B HDBaseT Transmitter and Receiver kit delivers crisp detail, vibrant color and clear audio for both standard and 3D content.

Integrated bi-directional IR enables easy control of your out-of-the way Blu-ray players and other media equipment. You can rest assured that your data won’t be intercepted or illegally copied thanks to HDCP compliant encryption.

What you'll need

What you’ll need to send long range AV signals transmission across large venues:

• A ViewSonic® HB10B HDBaseT Transmitter and Receiver kit
• An HDMI-based display device such as a ViewSonic
® LightStream® Pro8 series projector

PRO8510L – XGA (1024x768) resolution and 5200 lumens of high brightness

PRO8530HDL –1080p resolution and 5200 lumens of high brightness


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