South American Sports Apparel Chain Outfits Stores with ViewSonic® Thin Clients

Open Sports is a family business based in Mar del Plata, with 50 years of experience in the footwear and apparel market, and 52 branch offices in several provinces of Argentina.

The SC-T35 not only speeds up our tasks in-store, but they save on our energy costs as well.

— Hermán Paggi,
IT Department Head

  • Replace workstation PCs in branch offices with an alternative, easy to maintain, implement and replace solution, with low power consumption.
  • ViewSonic SC-T35 thin clients and ViewSonic VA2212m-LED monitors.
  • Thin clients saved spaced, reduced power consumption, and were easy to install and manage.
  • ViewSonic's SC-T35 consumes only 8W of power, compared to 500W usually consumed by PCs.
  • Easy to install, set up and manage. Not a lot of logistics are required.
  • More thin clients can be easily added to branch offices as needed, or replace PCs in existing branch offices.
  • All devices are connected to a single central server.

Due to the high maintenance costs of hard drives, memory, motherboards, energy consumption, and power supplies, Open Sports needed to replace all of its workstation PCs, in all of its stores, with a more cost-effective solution. Open Sports IT Department Head, Hermán Paggi, looked to the many benefits of VDI, specifically thin clients, as a possible PC replacement.

"Sending a PC to a store located at several kilometers of distance is different from sending a thin client,” Paggi said. "Delivering thin clients would be fairly simple, and make the change for the store easier as well. You don't need to plug in multiple wires, like in a PC. Just power on, plug in the keyboard, and everything will be working along with the monitor. That's it."

Besides ease of installation, Paggi knew the many other benefits of VDI, such as centralized control from a single server – a huge plus for the multiple store locations of Open Sports. However, he didn’t know of any dependable VDI vendors, at least not right away.

"We knew ViewSonic through their line of monitors, and they always stood out because of the quality of their products,” he said. “As for thin clients, we did not initially know that they were being offered by ViewSonic. Eventually our partner, SC Solutions, introduced us to ViewSonic thin clients and let us test and purchase them.


Open Sports ordered a total of 75 ViewSonic® SC-T35 thin clients, as well 68 VA2212m-LED monitors. According to Paggi, the ViewSonic VDI solution helped them accomplish several objectives:

• Save space: SC-T35 thin clients are discrete devices that do not occupy much desk space.
• Save power: SC-T35 thin clients consume only 8 watts of power and use less  than 90% of the electricity of a standard PC.
• Easy installation and support: In the event of any trouble with the equipment, replacement is fast.
• Increase speed: The thin clients sped up administration and management of posts in stores.
• Consistency across stores: All work stations had the same install and set-up.

In addition to saving space on the desktop, it turned out that the SC-T35 installations also cut down on overall furniture space throughout the stores as well, Paggi noted. "The furniture design to support the ViewSonic thin clients and monitors was streamlined,” said Paggi. “A lot of space was saved, and our stores were given a cleaner, less cluttered look.”

The Result

With the installation of ViewSonic thin clients, Open Sports saw an immediate and positive improvement in power savings – which was of incredible importance when the VDI installation was first considered.

"If you have five or six PCs in the stores as we had previously, you have much heavier consumption than the eight or 10 watts consumed by a thin client,” said Paggi. “The difference is glaring.”

Another positive result was the makeover of the stores. Open Sports was happy with the additional space and the new streamlined look of the stores, while employees were pleased with the infrastructure. The thin clients are much easier to manage, and the amount of furniture planning and manufacturing time to support IT equipment was greatly reduced.

Currently, five Open Sports stores are using ViewSonic SC-T35 thin clients, with the intent to replace all PCs at all remaining locations with the new technology. More recently, the ViewSonic thin client technology was utilized at a new, 850-square meter Open Sports store at the Florida Premium outlet mall.

"We are very happy and relieved with our VDI installations,” said Paggi. “Compared to our old PCs, ViewSonic thin clients don’t hang or slow things down logistically. The SC-T35 not only speeds up our tasks in-store, but they save on our energy costs as well.”


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