Reaping the Benefits of Video Conferencing

You’re considering investing in a video conferencing system. You know it would reduce travel costs – are there other benefits that would help justify the implementation costs and learning curve?


The use of video conferencing (VC) is growing at an unprecedented rate, due to improved reliability, reduced cost and a greater understanding of its advantages. Many companies find that VC quickly becomes a break-even investment. A recent survey of VC users ranked the top benefits as:

  • Increased efficiency & productivity (94%) – VC lets employees and execs   maximize face time with customers and partners worldwide. The improved communication compared to audio conferences further boost productivity. Meeting efficiency improves with the ability to demo products and other visual materials.
  • Increased impact of discussions (88%) – The ability to see those you converse with, gives greater impact to VC discussions.
  • Expedited decision-making (87%) – The ability to quickly convene a VC with geographically dispersed participants can accelerate virtually any aspect of business.
  • Reduced travel (87%) – Reducing travel costs for just one employee can cover the expense of a VC implementation.

Additional key benefits noted include improved employee health and satisfaction, improved communication and employee/partner relationships, reduced environmental impact, and overall boost in competitive advantage.

What you'll need

What you’ll need to complement your chosen VC system for a more robust solution:

A display to meet your specific VC needs:

  • ViewSonic® Large Format Displays

- Available in sizes from 32” to 55” for group (Huddle) spaces


  • ViewSonic® All-in-One VC Monitors

-ViewSonic VG2437Smc –24” Full HD ergonomic monitor with integrated webcam, mic, dual speakers, and mic/headphone ports
-ViewSonic TD2740 –27” touch display with integrated HD webcam, mic, and dual speakers

Solstice™ Collaborative Software:

  • Solstice software installed on a Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC and connected to meeting room LCD display, multi-touch display or projector to collaborate over existing WiFi/Ethernet networks


  • The Solstice Pod for turnkey wireless collaboration in rooms without a dedicated PC


  • Free Solstice app downloaded to student/instructor devices

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