What to Look for in a Professional Monitor
for the Color-Conscious User

You want the best from your technology and you’ve been noticing that the colors on your monitor aren’t always what you’d expect. Whether your passion is graphic design, photography, home video, or simply the desire for more accurate Internet images, it may be time to step up to a professional monitor. Are there models you can afford that really make a difference in color and image quality? What features should you look for?


Professional-grade monitors are designed to deliver greater color accuracy and more highly defined detail. While this technology has typically commanded a high price, moderately priced monitors with professional-level specs are now available. Here’s what to look for:

Full Adobe RGB and sRGB color spaces – Monitors can’t display colors that fall outside of their available color space(s). At a minimum you’ll want 99% sRGB coverage.

Color space presets – Presets calibrated for industry standard spaces let you easily select the color space you need for different applications.

Gamma adjustment – Preset gamma levels enable simplified fine tuning.

3D Look up Table (LUT) – Part of the monitor’s “color engine,” this enables monitors to adapt to deliver smoother color gradations.

Low Delta E – A color-performance metric that represents color variance from (an impossible) ideal, a low Delta E equals better performance.

Screen uniformity compensation – Uniform brightness is key to achieving the most accurate viewing/editing; compensation functions address inevitable changes in luminosity.

Premium panel technology – Premium technologies like IPS deliver the widest viewing angles for vivid colors, consistent brightness and greater screen uniformity.

Hardware calibration ready – Enables displays to store calibration setting changes in the LUT for fast, precise reuse.

6-axis color adjustment – A nice extra for those seeking higher levels of customized image adjustment.

What you'll need

What you’ll need for ultimate screen precision ideal for photography:

  • A ViewSonic® VP Series Professional Monitor
    VP2468 – 24" (23.8" viewable) Professional Monitor with SuperClear® IPS panel technology
    VP2771 – 27" WQHD Professional Monitor with SuperClear® IPS panel technology
    VP2775 – 27" WQHD Adobe Color Professional Monitor with SuperClear® IPS panel technology

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