Achieve Cost-Effective, Eye-Catching Digital Signage
with Laser Projection

You (or your clients) are looking to implement big, bold, high impact digital
signage. Large LCD displays and video walls are expensive and you’ve got
a limited budget. Is there a less costly way to deliver big images with bright,
vibrant color?


ViewSonic® Laser Projectors offer an outstanding digital signage alternative at a substantially lower price tag than large format LCD displays – without sacrificing image quality. Featuring an ultra short throw lens, these state-of the art projectors can be placed just 1.25 feet from the display surface to deliver an impressive 80-inch image. Image quality is exceptionally crisp and vibrant thanks to the laser-phosphor light source, which offers greater control than mercury lamps for visibly greater clarity and less image wash out.

ViewSonic SuperColor™ technology amps up image impact with an exclusive color wheel design for rich, reliable, true-to-life color. Project onto virtually any surface, or use ViewSonic’s BrilliantColorPanel™ for sharp images in any lighting condition. The BrilliantColorPanel™ strategically absorbs the ambient light that can diminish detail and wash out images.

Network capable for installation across multiple locations, ViewSonic Laser Projectors offer versatile connectivity with dual 3D Blu-Ray ready HDMI inputs, HDMI/MHL, Component, S-Video, RGB, VGA, RS232 and RJ45. Experience up to 20,000 hours (10+ years) of virtually maintenance-free performance thanks to the filter-free DLP® technology.

What you'll need

What you’ll need for a cost-effective alternative to digital signage:

  • A ViewSonic® Laser Series projector
    LS830 –1080p resolution and 4000 lumens of high brightness
    LS810 – W XGA (1280x800) resolution and 4000 lumens of high brightness
    LS820 – 1080p resolution and 3000 lumens of brightness
  • Optional ViewSonic® BrilliantColorPanel™
    BCP100 – 100" screen, fixed frame
    BCP120 – 120" screen, fixed frame

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