Integration Delivers Dramatic 360º Hologram at Madison Square Garden with the Superior Image Quality of a ViewSonic® Pro10100 ProAV Projector

Founded in 1990 in Omaha, Nebraska, 4TEC Integration was the first true audio-visual systems integrator in the Midwest corridor. With a name based on the motto "Always on the forefront of technology," 4TEC delivers custom A/V integration for everything from small meeting rooms to large scale multi-campus control systems. 4TEC also offers turnkey hologram solutions that include their proprietary hologram viewing systems and digital 3D animations from sister company Studio 44 Productions.

The ViewSonic Pro10100 projected for all the testing, for all the hundreds of hours of operations required to perfect a show – and then performed flawlessly at the event in the heat of the day

- Chuck Miller, 4TEC President & CEO

  • Deliver top-quality holographic video for high-profile Madison Square Garden event
  • The newly released ViewSonic Pro10100 ProAV projector delivered every desired feature and spec – including compact form factor
  • The audience at the sold-out event was treated to an astonishingly realistic holographic display
  • After hundreds of hours of testing and development operations, the Pro10100 performed flawlessly with no signs of overheating on the day of the event
  • The Pro10100’s compact design facilitated easier cabinet containment and shipping

As part of his inaugural visit to the US in September 2014, the newly elected Prime Minister of India was scheduled to make a speech at the Madison Square Garden arena. The event planners were looking for a high-impact “wow factor” and sought assistance from the Studio 44 Productions design team. Together they decided on a holographic reproduction of the speech by Swami Vivekananda at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago on September 11, 1893.

An integral component necessary to making the hologram a success was a high-end professional projector capable of delivering outstanding performance under the rigors of this type of installation.


Studio 44’s sister company 4TEC Integration was assigned the task of delivering the stage show system equipment for playback and broadcasting of the hologram to the Jumbotron as well as newsfeeds serving more than 212 channels worldwide.

“We knew we would need a projector capable of superior contrast, brightness and color saturation, which are very critical to quality hologram playback,” said Chuck Miller, President and CEO of both companies. “We also needed consistent black levels. Selecting the video equipment for a project of this scale was daunting, so we reached out to our reliable long term relationships in the industry for help.”

As it turned out, the ViewSonic Pro10100 ProAV projector was fresh on the street, offering high end 1080p HD resolution for large venue applications.

“We evaluated the Pro10100 and the brilliance of the picture, its sharp vivid colors, and small cabinet size made it a great choice for the hologram element of the show,” said Mr. Miller.

The Result

The show was more than sold out, with an estimated 19,000 people packed into the NYC arena to see India's newly elected and very popular Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Along with the Prime Minister’s rousing speech, the audience was treated to dancers, a speed painter who rendered Modi’s image live on stage – and an astoundingly realistic holographic reproduction of Swami Vivekananda’s speech.

According to Miller there are several tricks that make the magic of holographic imaging appear real and life-like, in particular color saturation and the resolution of the image in ratio to other elements.

“Any time you’re displaying a hologram you want people to be spoofed into thinking it’s a real person standing there.” Miller said. “High def resolution is part of this, but without great color saturation and brightness it won’t look real enough.”

In this, and all other key respects, like durability and its 360-degree projection capabilities, Miller said the ViewSonic Pro10100 projector delivered brilliantly.

“Durability is one of the must-have qualities to make sure a show goes off without a hitch,” Miller said. “The ViewSonic projected nicely for the hundreds of hours of testing, and for all the hours of operation required to perfect a show – and then performed flawlessly at the event in the heat of the day.”

Original plans called for a standard set-up with U-shaped seating oriented toward a stage, however so many tickets were sold that the layout was converted to an arena bowl format with 360-degree seating – placing further demands on the entire installation, including the projector. Once again, said Miller, the ViewSonic Pro10100 projector was able to step up to the added demands.

Another lesser but nonetheless important factor the Pro10100 brought to the installation was its compact form factor.

“Because it’s smaller than other manufacturer’s similar products, it’s easier to ship,” Miller said. ”And it fit more easily into the installation cabinets. If you look at the other products available, they’re quite large when compared to this one.”

Apparently there’s more to the story, but Miller had to stop there, apologizing for being unable to share more details of how the projection system was used due to it’s proprietary design. He was able to add, however, that they’ll most certainly be looking to the ViewSonic Pro10100 to play a role in their future endeavors

“We absolutely plan to use this projector for other hologram projects and other installation projects,” he said. “It’s ideal for churches, and other large venue applications.”


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