Single Source Content Updates
for Simplified Data-Rich Digital Signage

The ability to refresh messages is a key benefit of digital signs, and signage featuring pricing, promotions and the like require frequent changes. Making updates, however, can be costly and/or time consuming. Is there a more efficient, cost-effective way to accommodate regularly updated product, pricing and other data?


ViewSonic® media players with DisplayIt!Xpress make it easy to deliver world-
class digital signage with always-current information. Offering a truly user-
friendly interface, DisplayIt!Xpress enables anyone familiar with basic Microsoft Office applications to quickly create and distribute content as well as manage a network of signs. DisplayIt!Xpress enables fast, easy content updates by separating the design from the data: Users build content in PowerPoint (or other tool/template) then use the hyperlink feature to retrieve data from an Excel document. Have changes to product or pricing information? Just update the Excel doc and the new content automatically populates as appropriate within a playlist and/or across multiple screens – eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone task of manually entering multiple updates. This ability to connect multiple documents using built-in features of Microsoft Office empowers more businesses than ever to benefit from professional-quality digital signage. The simple yet powerful linking of PowerPoint and Excel accommodates advanced applications such as using MS Office APIs to automatically update Excel charts and spreadsheets from a production system or other business software – an ideal solution for signage posting manufacturing output, sales figures, menu content, transportation schedules and other fast-changing data. For added graphic impact, DisplayIt!Xpress also accommodates applications that output to HTML.

What you'll need

What you’ll need for dynamic digital signage that delivers up-to-the-minute messages:

  • ViewSonic Display
    - Commercial display recommended
  • ViewSonic Media Player
    - Windows or Android OS
    - Media player built-in with select display models
  • DisplayIt!Xpress Software
    - Included with ViewSonic media players
    - Available separately for most media players
    - Works with any display
  • Microsoft Office
    - Excel and PowerPoint applications


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