Dramatic Video Walls on a Budget

You’d like to add one or more video walls to your retail store, business lobby or public display but you don’t have the budget to hire an expensive AV company or buy lots of new technology. Is there a less costly way to create and maintain a video wall?


Until recently, companies looking to implement a video wall faced high costs and complex, proprietary solutions that often required the help of AV consultants. ViewSonic partner, Userful, has developed a network video wall solution that leverages your existing network infrastructure, standard architecture and a standard PC to make designing, deploying and maintaining a video wall easy and cost-effective.

With this one simple solution users can achieve video walls with up to 60 displays and 4K resolution (60 screens at 6K with a high-end PC), in standard array or artistic layouts, with multiple pre-set zones and displaying virtually any type of content – including real-time feeds and interactive material. Just about anyone can design walls and manage content with Userful’s included browser-based, drag-and-drop video wall builder. Content can be easily set up and controlled via a smart phone or tablet. Easily scalable with the addition of displays, the Userful solution uses stateless zero clients, which are immune to viruses, typically last twice as long as PCs and use about 80% less power – giving them greater reliability for a longer lifespan and less risk of system downtime. The ability to drive virtual desktops and other displays rounds out the solution’s outstanding value. With simultaneous support for additional displays, the Userful solution can also support touch screens, kiosks, individual digital signs and desktop displays. Featuring an integrated hypervisor, the Userful architecture additionally supports the use of Microsoft Windows desktops as virtual machines.

What you'll need
  • A Userful SW-014 Video Wall Deployment Solution, or SW-015 Enhanced Video Wall Deployment Solution, available through ViewSonic
  • ViewSonic large format commercial displays
    - Available in 32 – 98" sizes
  • Certified PC models:
    - HP Prodesk 600 G1 (core i7), Dell OptiPlex XE2 (core i7) RAM, 6GB (6 displays), 16GB (16 displays)
    - Graphics GPU - Intel HD4000 or HD5000
    - Recommended for > 25 displays or 4K content - GeForce GTX 960

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