Benefits of Network Video Wall Delivery:
The Userful Solution

You’d like to leverage the impact of a dynamic video wall but don’t want to hire an expensive AV company or buy lots of new technology. You’ve heard about network delivery as a new approach – what are its benefits?


Until the advent of network delivery, companies looking to implement video walls faced significant design constraints and the need for a variety of proprietary technologies. And while this approach did provide some benefits, it continued to present performance and scalability limitations, as well as added costs. ViewSonic partner, Userful, has developed a unique network video wall solution that delivers greater flexibility, simplicity and savings along with outstanding performance. By leveraging existing network infrastructure, standard architecture and a standard PC, along with thin clients and the Userful software, the Userful solution delivers a host of benefits, including:

  • Use of industry standard architecture
  • Greater simplicity, reliability & longer lifespan
  • Reduced dependence on advanced AV/IT skills
  • Intuitive, integrated layout tool for drag-and-drop design
  • Easy, embedded content management from smartphone/tablet
  • Broad content support – managed, real-time & interactive
  • Pre-set zone capabilities for multiple content streams
  • Content mirroring capability
  • Flexible deployment for busy & hard-to-reach locations
  • Automated failover for full redundancy
  • Integrated color calibration tools - Simultaneous support for additional displays & virtual desktops
What you'll need
  • A Userful SW-014 Video Wall Deployment Solution, or SW-015 Enhanced Video Wall Deployment Solution, available through ViewSonic
  • ViewSonic large format commercial displays
    - Available in 32 – 98" sizes
  • Certified PC models:
    - HP Prodesk 600 G1 (core i7), Dell OptiPlex XE2 (core i7) RAM, 6GB (6 displays), 16GB (16 displays)
    - Graphics GPU - Intel HD4000 or HD5000
    - Recommended for > 25 displays or 4K content - GeForce GTX 960

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