Projectors with 4,000+ Lumens Deliver Clear, Vibrant Viewing
In Larger Spaces

You’ve noticed that projectors with brightness ratings of 4,000 lumens and above are becoming more readily available. Your business, campus, house of worship, or hospitality venue uses projection in different environments. Which settings will benefit the most from these more readily available, lower cost high lumens projectors?


Commercial projector brightness ratings range from 500 to 10,000 lumens, and differing environments and use cases call for varying levels of brightness. As projected image size increases, the distribution of light over a larger area lowers the perceived brightness of any projector, thus requiring more lumens for optimal viewing. ViewSonic® LightStream® projectors with 4,000 lumens or more are designed for the larger rooms, screen sizes and audiences that benefit from higher brightness projection. Ideal for auditoriums, large meeting rooms, lecture halls, cafeterias and other substantial spaces – along with any space with high ambient light – projected images will be crisper, clearer and more vibrant with a 4,000 lumens+ projector. Conversely, when projectors with lower brightness are used in these circumstances images can look washed out and be difficult to see/ read. Bright enough to shine through a great deal of ambient light, projectors with 4,000 or more lumens also eliminate the need to completely dim the lights, making it easier to take notes, maintain eye contact and interact during presentations.

What you'll need

What you’ll need for clear, vibrant projection in large meeting rooms, auditoriums and other spaces with large audiences or high ambient light is a ViewSonic® LightStream® projector with 4,000+ lumens, such as:

  • PJD7325
  • PJD7333
  • PJD7525W
  • PJD7533W
  • Pro8400
  • Pro8450w
  • Pro8500
  • Pro8520HD
  • Pro8600
  • Pro10100

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