How to Deploy Fast, Easy Interactive Kiosk Solutions in Education Environments

You’re looking to implement interactive kiosks in your cafeteria, library, campus bookstore, or elsewhere in your school or campus, and you’d like an easy-to deploy solution that doesn’t sacrifice performance, durability or flexibility.


The ViewSonic® VSD242 smart display delivers an easy, out-of-the-box interactive kiosk ideal for adding efficiency and boosting interactive communications throughout a school.

Packed with the power of a Rockchip quad-core processor, these stylish, durable interactive kiosks deliver responsive, tablet-like browsing thanks to the professional-grade IPS panel and 10-point multi-touch technology, while the Android OS, Google Chrome browser and full Google GMS certification provide instant access to Google Play store and thousands of Android apps, cloud services and online video. All of which makes it easy to develop and deliver just the right interactive content to meet your needs. For even greater content customization capabilities, a rooted image is available on request.  Network and internet connectivity is simple with both RJ45 and WiFi options, and multiple USB ports expand your options for a wide range of peripherals.

The frameless, all-glass surface adds sleek good-looks and easy cleaning, while the fan-free design and protective glass coating make for quiet durability and a long, low-maintenance life span – whether used countertop with the integrated picture frame stand, wall-mounted, or combined with ViewSonic’s commercial-grade kiosk stand and keyboard/mouse for a turnkey solution.

What you'll need

What you’ll need for a fast and easy interactive kiosk solution in education environments:

• ViewSonic VSD242 smart display – for an all-in-one countertop or wall-mount kiosk solution
• (Optional) ViewSonic STND-042 kiosk stand – Add the heavy-duty commercial-grade steel stand for easy placement in a variety of environments

• Collapses for easy transport
• Adjustable height and angle
• Portrait or landscape orientation
• Integrated power and USB
• Heavy duty, durable design

• (Optional) ViewSonic VMP10B USB keyboard and mouse combo – A useful add-on for tasks with high data-entry demands


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