Schools Gain Interactive Display Value & Teaching Impact with Mobile Carts

It’s a documented fact that interactive displays enhance the classroom experience and improve student learning outcomes. Budget constraints, however, have prevented you from installing them in every classroom. Plus, not every classroom uses an interactive display for the full school day.


Deployment of displays on mobile trolleys helps schools maximize the value of their interactive display investment. Display resources can be checked out from a central location as needed or, for schools with high demand, developing a daily rotation schedule based on planned curriculums enables efficient resource sharing.

The ViewSonic® LB-STND-003 movable cart and WMK-047 bracket combine to deliver a secure, durable, easy-to-transport cart compatible with all ViewSonic interactive displays.

Lockable nylon casters make for smooth, easy transport between classrooms and secure, stable positioning when locked in place. The integrated equipment shelf conveniently accommodates your media source (laptop, tablet, etc) plus stylus/pen in the built-in stylus storage slot. Durable steel construction ensures years of useful life while the rounded corners guard against bumps and bruises for enhanced safety.

What you'll need

What you’ll need for a complete interactive flat panel display and mobile cart solution for education:

• A ViewSonic Interactive Flat Panel Display: CDE5561T, CDE6561T, CDE7061T, CDE7561T, CDE8452T

• ViewSonic LB-STND-003 Movable Cart

• ViewSonic WMK-047 Bracket


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