Enhanced Projector Sound Performance
Improves Presentation Success

Today’s users add more video and sound bites into their presentations than ever before. Projector audio quality, however, hasn’t seemed to keep up with the times. Users have said that your current projector audio is unclear and difficult to hear. Huddling around laptop speakers doesn’t much help matters. It’s time to upgrade and you’d like to find projectors that deliver great sound in addition to great image quality.


Manufacturers often treat audio as an afterthought, then promote high wattage to indicate sound quality. Wattage, however, is not itself a reliable measure of speaker performance. Hardware design and amplification capabilities are equally important. A new solution for businesses and schools seeking full, natural sound, ViewSonic’s LightStream® projectors with SonicExpert® were designed for outstanding image and sound quality alike. Powerful enough to fill meeting rooms or classrooms with clearly audible, wall-to-wall sound, LightStream® projectors deliver higher and more efficient volume, advanced sound clarity and full-range sound thanks to multiple design enhancements, including:

  • Improved transducer driver design – quality materials more suited to small speakers deliver stronger sound and wider frequency range
  • Greater transducer driver power – for higher SPL sound pressure
  • 30% larger speaker chamber – boosts feedback power and creates a wider frequency range for reduced distortion and stronger sound
  • Software fine tuning – extensive mixing and testing to develop a best-fit Sound Response Curve for clearer, more comfortable sound
What you'll need
  • A ViewSonic® PJD6 or PJD7 series projector with SonicExpert®

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