Boost Student Collaboration and Success
with ViewBoard® for Education

It’s time to update (or add) interactive whiteboard software and you want to implement a solution students will find easy and enjoyable to use. You may also be adding new interactive displays, but if not you’ll need a cost-effective way to add this functionality to existing equipment.


The latest version of ViewSonic® ViewBoard® for Education is packed with enhancements that bring lessons to life and encourage active engagement. Designed for easy, intuitive use by students of all ages and abilities, the familiar Smarthphone/tablet-like interface makes it easy to operate – no lengthy learning curve needed. ViewSonic’s proprietary two-finger hotkey delivers instant access to the simple toolbar, immediately empowering students to begin creating and collaborating. Documents are transformed in real time with the ability to simultaneously write, highlight, and take notes onscreen with fingers or styluses. Projects and presentations are exponentially enhanced with customizable backgrounds; the ability to import nearly any type of document or media file; and the ability to annotate directly onto the integrated web browser. Embedded tools such as the Mind Map and Countdown Timer facilitate organization and creative content development. ViewBoard even lets students pre-record projects or record live during class to save on-screen annotations and audio using the ViewSonic-exclusive record function. Plus, sharing content in Google Classrooms is easier than ever with ViewSonic’s exclusive Direct to Google Drive Save. Compatible with leading learning software, apps and all multimedia content files, ViewBoard for Education is ideal for demonstrating student- and teacher-created videos and supporting blended learning environments.

What you'll need

What you’ll need for interactive presentations in Google-based classrooms:

  • ViewBoard for Education software SW-020

–  An easy, cost-effective Windows-based software solution to boost the performance of existing interactive whiteboard displays

–  Software disc is included with ViewSonic CDE-T interactive flat panel displays, or available for purchase for use with existing interactive displays

  • (Optional) A ViewSonic® CDE-T interactive flat panel display with ViewBoard Embedded software

– CDE5561T - 55" Full HD interactive touch

– CDE6561T - 65" Full HD interactive touch

– CDE7061T - 70" Full HD interactive touch

– CDE8452T - 84" Full HD interactive touch

  • (Optional) A ViewSonic® slot-in PC

–  NMP711-P10 - Network media player compatible with CDE5561T, CDE6561T, CDE7061T and CDE8452T

–  NMP712-N - Network media player compatible with CDE5561T, CDE6561T, CDE7061T and CDE8452T


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