Google Classrooms Gain Easy Interactive Impact
with ViewBoard® for Education

You’re looking to update (or add) interactive presentation technology in your Google-based classrooms. Are there Google Classroom-specific features you should look for in interactive software?


Definitely. The first (and currently only) interactive software with Direct to Google Drive Save, ViewSonic® ViewBoard® for Education makes it easier than ever to save and share interactive presentation content in Google Classrooms. Reduce time, hassle and the potential for errors by eliminating the need to save to the network (or a USB drive) then transfer content to Google Drive for student access. With ViewBoard, simply launch the floating tool box using the simple two-finger hot key, tap the cloud icon, and your presentation is saved to Google Drive. The process is just as easy in both Android and Windows PC environments, and simple configuration options let you save to the instructor’s Drive or directly to designated student Drives. Develop and deliver engaging, collaborative material with ViewBoard’s integrated course-oriented templates and customizable backgrounds; the ability to import virtually any type of document or media file; and the ability to annotate directly onto the integrated web browser. Import “native” PowerPoint and PDF documents for streamlined delivery – no more clicking on link icons and waiting for PPTs or PDFs to launch. Integrated tools like the Mind Map and Countdown Timer help educators organize presentations and create timed quizzes, games, and other compelling content. For the ultimate exibility, ViewBoard lets you pre-record lessons or record live during class to save on-screen annotations, macros, media files, and audio using the ViewSonic-exclusive record function – ideal for flipped classrooms, distance learning, absent students, test prep or general review.

What you'll need

What you’ll need for interactive presentations in Google-based classrooms:

  • ViewBoard for Education software SW-020

–  An easy, cost-effective Windows-based software solution to boost the performance of existing interactive whiteboard displays

–  Software disc is included with ViewSonic CDE-T interactive flat panel displays, or available for purchase for use with existing interactive displays

  • ( Optional) A ViewSonic® CDE-T interactive flat panel display with ViewBoard Embedded software

– CDE5561T - 55" Full HD interactive touch

– CDE6561T - 65" Full HD interactive touch

– CDE7061T - 70" Full HD interactive touch

– CDE8452T - 84" Full HD interactive touch

  • ( Optional) A ViewSonic® slot-in PC

–  NMP711-P10 - Network media player compatible with CDE5561T, CDE6561T, CDE7061T and CDE8452T

–  NMP712-N - Network media player compatible with CDE5561T, CDE6561T, CDE7061T and CDE8452T


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