Capture Attention
With Vibrant, True-to-life DLP® Projection Colors

Your company is ready to upgrade its projection technology – or perhaps you’re considering moving from display to projection. You like DLP projection for its low TCO and reliable performance, but you want a projector that can match the same lifelike and brilliant colors that you can see on your desktop monitor. Are there any new technologies to consider that offer improved color performance?


ViewSonic® SuperColor™ technology delivers DLP® projection image quality that outperforms previously available DLP systems, offering more color-enhancing features than BrilliantColor™ color processing technology. With an exclusive color wheel design, dynamic lamp control, and a wider color range than conventional DLP projectors, SuperColor delivers rich, reliable, true-to-life color for both bright and dark content – without sacrificing image quality. SuperColor features include:

  • Advanced digital image processing, dynamic lamp control & exclusive 6-segment color wheel deliver natural, vividly clear colors
  • Integrated ViewMatch® color mode automatically optimizes color for the most common viewing applications, for greater clarity and detail
  • Improved gray-scale accuracy provides highly-differentiated shades of black for greater texture and detail in dark images and scenes
  • Automatic adjustment for overexposure of projected images delivers rich detail in bright images, with no washout
  • Minimized brightness fluctuations for greater viewing comfort
What you'll need

A ViewSonic® LightStream® projector with SuperColor™ technology.


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