The Benefits of Ultra HD Monitors
For Enterprise Users

In today’s competitive, budget-constrained environment, you want your IT purchases to deliver the best user benefits possible. Keeping users satisfied and able to do their jobs is a critical baseline of IT services; however, leveraging IT to further increase productivity has also become an important objective. How can the latest Ultra HD monitors help your IT group deliver on this mission?


The complete line of Ultra HD monitors are here, and many offer a host of enterprise-oriented benefits. ViewSonic’s VG2860mhl-4K monitor features an advanced ergonomic design, along with features ideal for boosting user satisfaction and performance in an enterprise environment. First and foremost, the visual clarity and comfort of Ultra HD 3840x2160 resolution has been joined by 60Hz refresh rate for smoother video playback. Device compatibility is extended with DisplayPort 1.2a ports and HDMI 1.4 – plus MHL connectivity for mobile device charging while users simultaneous display device content on their monitor. New MultiPicture functionality lets users expand the use of their screen space with up to 4 split screens from unique input signals, including PCs, laptops, and compatible mobile devices. For increased eye comfort during prolonged use, ViewMode enables quick switches between optimized scenario settings, while Flicker-Free technology eliminates even imperceptible screen flicker. Further enhancing comfort and productivity, the ergonomic stand delivers advanced height, pivot and tilt adjustability.

What you'll need

ViewSonic® VG2860mhl-4K – Ultra HD monitor designed for multipurpose enterprise/commercial use

  • Enterprise-level high resolution and large 28" screen size
  • Smooth 3840x2160 resolution at 60Hz
  • DisplayPort 1.2a and HDMI 1.4 connectivity
  • Advanced ergonomics and other comfort-enhancing features

Other Ultra HD models include:

  • VP2780-4K – 27" Professional-grade Ultra HD monitor offering the ultimate in performance for all color-critical and professional applications
  • VX2475Smhl-4K - 24" entry-level Ultra HD monitor for gaming and entertainment
  • VX2880ml – 28" Ultra HD monitor for general computing and multimedia

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