Easily Conceal and Control AV devices with IR Pass-Through

You’re looking to install new pro-grade/large venue projectors and you want
to be able to camouflage other AV equipment remotely in cabinets, closets
or other rooms. What should you look for in a projector to enable efficient
control of these distant devices?


Keeping components like your media player neatly concealed and easily controlled calls for a projector with integrated IR pass-through. Equipped with built-in IR distribution technology, ViewSonic® Pro8 projectors enable easy control of concealed and remotely distributed AV devices.

Simply point your device remote at a LightStream® Pro8 Series projector and select a command – the IR pass-through technology will pass the infrared signal to your configured devices for full remote functionality. Use wired IR or combine with an HDBaseT receiver for wireless transmission. Either approach lets you deploy your projection systems for maximum space efficiency and minimized clutter, with the ability to place media players behind a screen, in a closet, or even in another room. Pro8 Series projectors offer a host of features for cost-conscious pro-level installations, including:

• High brightness
• Horizontal and vertical keystone
• Vertical lens shift
• Extensive connectivity
• IR pass-through
• SonicExpert® and SuperColor™ technology
• Built in USB-A and MicroUSB

What you'll need

What you’ll need to upgrade your large venue/Pro AV projector for easy, less-costly installation:

  • A ViewSonic® LightStream® Pro8 Series projector

PRO8510L – XGA (1024x768) resolution and 5200 lumens of high brightness
PRO8530HDL –1080p resolution and 5200 lumens of high brightness

  • ViewSonic® HB10B HDBaseT Kit

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