Dual-Axis Lens Shift Delivers Easier, More Versatile Pro Projector Installation

The configuration of your boardroom, large classroom, multipurpose space or other expansive area makes installing a pro-level projector challenging. Are there features that could make the installation easier and more accurate?


Considered by some AV pros to be a “miracle cure” for placement problems, lens shift is one of the most important features to look for when you need projector installation versatility. This is particularly true when your placement options are constrained, as is often the case in classrooms, meeting rooms, and other large but tight spaces.

ViewSonic Pro9 Series projectors offer added installation flexibility with both vertical and horizontal lens shift. An important feature for ensuring easy alignment in any large scale environment, dual-axis lens shift can be critical in complex or constrained installation situations.

Lens shift is delivered by product design that includes space within the projector housing for the lens to move – both left/right and up/down in the case of ViewSonic Pro9 Series projectors. (In contrast to projectors which offer only one axis of shift.) This four-way movement tackles unique installation challenges head-on by enabling greater leeway for projector placement. While most projectors include a small degree of fixed lens offset, true lens shift provides a great deal of additional variable control over lens positioning.

To further facilitate ease of install, ViewSonic Pro9 Series professional installation projectors feature a centered lens, large throw range, and stackability for double the brightness.

What you'll need

What you’ll need for versatile projector installation:

  • A ViewSonic Pro9 Series professional installation projector:

– PRO9510L (XGA)
– PRO9520WL (WXGA)


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