Installation Versatility for Creative Applications with 360-degree Projection

Your museum exhibit, entertainment venue or other unique installation plans call for projecting onto the floor, ceiling or at another atypical angle; most projectors don’t seem to offer this capability.


ViewSonic® Pro9 Series projectors offer a range of features to facilitate installation in unique or hard-to-fit environments – including the ability to deploy in any orientation for a full 360-degree range of projection options. Designed for flawless performance in any position – whether ceiling-mounted to project at the floor, pointed straight up for ceiling projection, or anywhere in between – Pro9 Series projectors enable creative visual expression from any angle.

Ideal for installations in museums, education centers, and hospitality venues, as well as corporate and retail deployments seeking unique visual impact, Pro9 Series professional installation projectors let creativity be your guide with the ability to mount and project within the full 360-degree range of possibilities.

To further facilitate ease of install and assist with tough installation challenges, ViewSonic Pro9 Series projectors feature two-axis lens shift, a centered lens, and a large throw range. To achieve up to 12,000 lumens at a fraction of the cost of single ultra high brightness projectors, Pro9 Series projectors can be stacked to double their brightness output.

What you'll need

What you’ll need for 360-degree projector installation options:
• A ViewSonic® Pro9 Series professional installation projector:

– PRO9510L (XGA)

– PRO9520WL (WXGA)



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