ViewSonic Supplies Fnatic’s BUNKR with “Simplify Complexity” Displays
Fnatic’s BUNKR is located in London and is the World’s 1st Gaming Experience Pop-up Store

Fnatic - born in 2004 in the early days of the professional video gaming industry. Fnatic has since helped shape the new world sport into a fast-growing phenomenon with a talented roster of charismatic pro-gamers have won thousands of tournaments across more than 20 games, the most out of any organisation. Through these achievements, Fnatic has grown its social media community to a fan base of over 8 million, with 10’s of millions more watching their pro-gamers compete globally each month. Fnatic’s mission is to lead the new world sport into every household through content, products, and experiences, with the goal of becoming the first globally recognised lifestyle brand to emerge from the world of eSports. Fnatic are continuing to break mainstream boundaries, having opened the very first brick and mortar eSports shop, BUNKR. Located at the heart of technology in London, BUNKR first opened its doors back on November 24th and has continued to welcome guests ever since. Visitors to the Shoreditch based pop-up will find the shop located on the intimate Redchurch Street; a vibrant retail hive surrounded by spectacular street art.


ViewSonic Pro8 Series projectors, Commercial Display CDE55”, HDBaseT and Gaming Monitors XG Series

  • The experience store’s “urban” style requires creative solutions for installation.
  • Support live streaming and broadcasting daily and during the events with Pro AV solutions.
  • Equip both the main stage and free gaming zone with professional gaming monitors to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.
  • Several Pro AV solutions were chosen to provide the most efficient installation method and highest image quality.
  • The ViewSonic® Pro8800WUL WUXGA, 5,200lm installation projector provided professional audio-visual performance. Utilising a unique Flex-In (Flexible Installation) design, the Pro8800WUL integrates intuitive form with high flexibility and an easy installation process, which made it the ideal installation projector for Fnatic’s BUNKR. The centred lens added extra installation flexibility and allowed for symmetric placement and simplified image correction.
  • The ViewSonic CDE5500-L 55” narrow bezel commercial LED display offers cost-efficiency and ease of installation for corporate, retail and hospitality spaces. CDE5500-L’s integrated USB port allows users to easily playback high-definition messaging via USB connection.
  • ViewSonic’s HDBaseT Transmitter and Receiver kit allowed for a more flexible installation by providing uncompressed HD video and audio transmission capabilities from up to 200ft. away, along with a bi-directional IR blaster and receiver port for control.
  • ViewSonic’s XG2401 and XG2703-GS gaming monitors provided gamers with smooth and fluid gameplay, especially during face paced action and graphic-intensive sequences that require a high refresh rate and fast response time. Gamers will gain a competitive edge over their opponent with specialized Game Modes that optimize gameplay for FPS, RTS and MOBA.
The Result

Besides user-friendly operation and vivid messaging, ViewSonic’s Pro AV projector and large display provided more creative opportunities for displaying content and improved the overall concept store experience. ViewSonic’s HDBaseT dongle and centred projector lens design helped during BUNKR’s planning phase by adding flexibility to adjust to changes in layout design, while maintaining a subtle room presence.

“Our eSports concept store embodies our mission of bringing the New World Sport into every household through Products, Content, and Experiences. Where we bring the ‘Products’ into our stores, ViewSonic displays help deliver the ‘Content’ and ‘Experience’ to immerse our customers and fans in our unique community. In our store, we want people to understand what competitive gaming is all about and experience first-hand how top quality products improve gameplay and overall enjoyment. ViewSonic’s AV projector and large display fit perfectly into that picture and overcame the limitations faced by the physical layout of the store”, said Wouter Sleijffers, CEO of Fnatic.

In competitive gaming, small variations can make a big difference. ViewSonic gaming monitors do a fantastic job of adapting to the demands of competitive gamers of all styles. To give Fnatic customers the best in-store experience, ViewSonic gaming monitors were chosen to support Fnatic Gear products and take part in delivering the experience.

“When we initially came up with the idea for our concept store we quickly realised that we wouldn’t be able to deliver our ideal immersive visual experience alone. Working with ViewSonic has allowed to us display crisp, clear in-store visuals on a larger scale than we originally planned. Whether it was for day-to-day shopping entertainment, community and media events, or parties that have taken place in our store, ViewSonic was quick to deliver and support us with the best setup. We see ViewSonic as our valued partner of choice for any future store launches and events we may have”, said Wouter Sleijffers.

ViewSonic installation for Fnatic Bunkr is shortlisted in Install Awards 2017 in the category “Best Retail/DOOH Project”. Lern more about Install Awards here.


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