Benefitting from Ultra HD, MultiPicture, and Other Productivity-Enhancing Features

It’s time to upgrade monitors and you’re considering purchasing one or more Ultra HD monitors, but you’re wondering if your users will benefit from the advanced features. Your company is looking to boost employee productivity and you’d like a monitor solution that can deliver benefits beyond a pretty picture.


In addition to enhanced visual performance with Ultra HD clarity at 60Hz, ViewSonic’s Ultra HD monitors offer numerous productivity- enhancing features. Increased screen real estate powerfully influences productivity. Ultra HD resolution alone pumps up users’ pixel count, with the added workspace of a 16:9 widescreen. Now, MultiPicture functionality lets users further customize their work space by allowing up to four split windows from unique input signals including PCs, laptops, and compatible mobile devices. Additional intelligent features increase comfort that results in happier, more productive employees. Exclusive ViewMode™ helps efficiently reduce eyestrain with 5 preset combinations for ideal viewing of text, web, video, gaming, and monochrome applications. Flicker-Free technology eliminates even imperceptible eye-straining screen flicker. An ergonomic stand delivers advanced height, pivot and swivel adjustability for minimized muscle strain. Finally, available on select models, SuperClear® premium panel technology increases viewing angles and enhances color uniformity for clear, comfortable viewing from any angle.

What you'll need
  • ViewSonic® Ultra HD monitor such as the VX2475Smhl-4K, VG2860mhl-4K or VP2780-4K

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