ViewSonic reinvents corporate and functional spaces with interactive communication technologies

Since 1930 Hartridge Ltd has become a world leader in diesel fuel injection test equipment, with the largest share of the world market for field service test equipment. Many of the world’s leading engine and fuel system manufacturers insist on Hartridge equipment for research and development applications.

Located in Buckingham, Hartridge occupies a 2,500m2 purpose built facility for production, R&D and administration. This facility is supplemented by 85 distributors globally who are considered to be an extension of the Hartridge organisation.

ON-AV Ltd ( is a leading Audio-Visual Integration company servicing the Corporate, Government and Education, sectors. ON-AV has extensive experience as a provider and installer of Audio Visual equipment. Our services range from designing AV systems through to project management, installation and on-going support.

With over 20 years of experience in AV systems and working on entry level through to complex AV projects, ON-AV has developed a reputation that is unsurpassed in the industry. ON-AV aim is to build lasting client relationships by working in partnership with our customers and suppliers and all others involved in the project.


The installation of durable screens which could be used for communication and training within both a busy Production Area and a corporate environment. Interactive flat panels were essential to meet the unique enterprise needs of the business, delivering eye-catching, high-impact communication to engage audiences with interactive touchscreen content.


ON-AV recommended two 65” ViewSonic CDE6561T interactive flat panels which are the perfect size for both the training room and for the Production Area.


Quick and professional installation by the reseller ON-AV, combined with the product’s user-friendly interface, increased interactivity, improved communication and motivation, and facilitated expansive and efficient content delivery.


Hartridge Ltd required an audio-visual solution which could transform the corporate spaces at the Buckingham headquarters by bringing corporate presentations and training to life through interactivity. The solution needed to encompass both the Production Area and the company’s training room, with an approach which suited the business environment and organisational culture.

For the Production Area this meant adding value to the production line in the Production Area, highlighting and presenting the company’s communications to all staff. For the training room, the solution needed to facilitate a range of different activities. Both products were expected to be used in challenging work environments.


ViewSonic provided two CDE6561T 65” interactive flat panels. These high specification screens offer a number of benefits for clients, including:

  • A 65” screen which offers a large uninterrupted display
  • A 20-point multi-touch interface which creates more engaging presentations and training
  • Pre-installed FREE ViewBoard Annotation software which includes a number of additional benefits:
    • A simple two-finger key which provides instant and easy access to the toolbar.
    • An interface which is simple & intuitive, with a rich palette of annotation tools to write, highlight, edit, and transform documents and images on-screen in real-time.
    • Automatic handwriting recognition which reads and recognizes almost everything that is written on-screen, whether written with fingers or with styluses.
    • Support to import Microsoft Office files, PDFs and image files.

In summary, ViewBoard Annotation software delivers more efficient and feasible ways for presenters to educate, to communicate and to present information. Presenters can even annotate files instantly with practical tools, saving changes immediately.

The CDE6561T screens are designed to be robust, featuring an anti-scratch surface and an anti-glare glass faceplate, comprised of a durable, commercial-grade design that includes full metal construction and a scratch-resistant tempered glass screen. Such outstanding levels of protection make the screens ideal for deployment in a busy Production Area environment.

The Result

Reseller On-AV delivered a professional and seamless installation using standard VESA-compatible mountings. This approach enables products to be quickly installed and deployed.

“On-AV ensured a quick and professional installation. The easy to use, interactive technologies create collaborative spaces which really benefit the business!”, Anton Hobbs, Business Systems Manage, Hartridge.

The versatile input options fitted to the screen enable the connectivity required to meet today's needs and tomorrow's evolving requirements. Inputs include HDMI, VGA, RS232, RJ45 and USB ports for productivity-boosting connectivity to PC systems, laptops, and other work devices.

Engagement and collaboration is now delivered within an AV-driven corporate work environment. In the Production Area the screen is used to deliver corporate communications and information, and also to highlight staff achievements. The screen is also used as a huddle training space, where trainers can engage with the audience through interactive content.

In the training room, the simple, intuitive, user-friendly interface provides a simple "do-it-yourself" solution, which is supported with product training from ViewSonic, enabling the equipment to provide a range of training experiences and opportunities.

Ultimately, the products created more efficient space that impacts productivity and retention - without the need to replace our existing hardware”.

“The ViewSonic interactive touch panels are made for easy, efficient deployment and management communication but also interactive training. The content can be managed and displayed directly from a USB stick straight into the panel, whilst the ability to connect a PC and other devices help to enhance flexibility”, Anton Hobbs, Business Systems Manage, Hartridge.


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