Reduce Eyestrain and Enhance your Viewing Experience

Computer users at your company spend long hours in front of their screens and lately you’ve been hearing comments about eyestrain, headaches and general fatigue. You want your employees to be comfortable and productive. What features should you look for in a monitor to help reduce eyestrain?


Computer related eyestrain (CVS) affects from 50%-90% of computer workers, causing symptoms that include dry, aching eyes, blurred/double vision, headaches and fatigue; the good news is that CVS can be minimized by the use of a high quality display. Extended viewing of a screen with sub-optimal settings is a major contributor to CVS and eye care professionals recommend that users adjust display brightness, text contrast and color temperature to suit their specific applications. Accomplishing this, however, can require repeated time-consuming tinkering with settings, which can be easily overlooked.

ViewSonic® ViewMode™ feature helps users guard against productivity-draining eyestrain with optimized presets for the most comfortable viewing of web, text, mono, movie and game content. ViewSonic ViewMode presets deliver the best combination of gamma curve calibration, color temperature, brightness, contrast, saturation and hue for:

  • Text mode – Contrast, brightness, and color temp are fine-tuned to provide a “paper-like” reading experience that’s warmer & easier-on-the-eyes.
  • Web mode – Improves viewing of photos, graphics and image-heavy web pages with an adjusted gamma curve for improved contrast and color reproduction.
  • Mono mode – Delivering added shades of gray, mono mode provides clearer and more obvious detail, ideal for viewing black and white photos.
  • Movie mode – Reduces eye fatigue with contrast settings designed to make large and detailed video scenes more well-defined and easier to see.
  • Game mode – Adjusts the gamma curve to create deeper, more stunning details in video games.
What you'll need
  • Flicker-Free technology – Flicker, the result of rapid variations in brightness, is another significant cause of CVS. Even when not visible, flicker is a characteristic of many LED backlit screens (including some marketed as flicker-free). ViewSonic Flicker- Free Technology eliminates this hidden source of eyestrain and discomfort.
  • Blue light filter setting – reduces discomfort related to prolonged exposure to certain levels of blue light.
  • SuperClear® panel technology – delivers outstanding color performance and extended viewing angles for comfortable viewing from any angle.

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