All-in-One Monitor
Facilitates Effective Desktop Video Conferencing

You’ve read that video conferencing rates are on the rise as higher-quality, lower cost technology hits the market, and you’ve heard about the trend toward desktop video conferencing. Your company is looking to improve employee, customer and vendor collaboration by adding video conferencing availability beyond the conference room. Is there a monitor solution that can make implementing and supporting desktop video conferencing easier and more efficient?


Video conferencing (VC) offers the proven business rewards of face-to-face contact, efficient knowledge transfer and enhanced personal interaction. Conference room solutions, however, can be expensive and complex. Strategically addressing this dichotomy is today’s trend toward cloud-based services that deliver Full HD video conferencing directly to a user’s desktop. Vastly improved over the days of free Skype and similar products, these cloud-based VaaS (video-as-a-service) providers let users easily launch an instant meeting from their standard desktop browser. The simplest means of implementing, using and supporting desktop VC is with an all-in-one monitor solution like the ViewSonic® VG2437Smc, which delivers Full HD resolution along with an integrated 2MP webcam, dual 2W speakers, mic and headphone ports for outstanding video and audio performance ideal for web and video conferencing. Beyond these basic must-haves, additional features can facilitate a more comfortable and convenient user experience, improving the rate of acceptance and use. These include an advanced ergonomic design for a greater range of custom positioning options; SuperClear® MVA panel technology for exceptional color performance and extended viewing angles; ViewMode™ technology for superior color rendering and intuitive presets; and ViewSonic’s true Flicker-Free technology for reduced eyestrain and fatigue.

What you'll need
  • ViewSonic® VG2437Smc 24" (23.6" viewable) Full HD Ergonomic LED Monitor with Integrated Webcam
  • VG2437Smc comes with:
    • SuperClear® MVA panel technology with integrated 2MP webcam
    • Future-proof DisplayPort connectivity, VGA and DVI inputs
    • Integrated 2-USB ports, dual 2W speakers

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