Simple, Cost-effective Interactive Kiosks

Interactive touchscreen kiosks are popping up everywhere – from retail stores and family restaurants, to movie theaters, hotels, and airports–delivering information on products, promotions, events and venues, and enabling product ordering, customer feedback surveys, and loyalty program enrollment. Interactive kiosks clearly offer great customer convenience plus the ability to capture customer data, and extend product, promotional, and brand messages. You’d like to include them in your business model but have heard they’re expensive and complex to deploy, requiring a Windows-based PC or media player, customized software, and traditional touchscreen monitor or keyboard and mouse.


ViewSonic® smart displays for Android™ eliminate the costs and complexities of deploying a customer-facing interactive kiosk. An all-in-one solution, ViewSonic smart displays run on an Android OS, feature an integrated touchscreen, and quickly transform into fully-functional kiosks with the addition of a kiosk browser app from Google Play Store. With many free and low-cost options to choose from, these apps enable web kiosk capabilities including the ability to:

  • 4Load custom or standard interactive web pages
  • Stream cloud-based or local content directly to the device via WiFi or LAN
  • Customize browser settings, hide address bars, zoom in/out, and change viewing orientation
  • Block access to control bars, the Android OS and specified web sites and appssettings on each TV manually with a remote control. Specifications
What you'll need

Offering both wired and wireless connection capabilities, VESA compliance, and the ability to run DC power input from an external adapter or a customer-provided external battery, ViewSonic® smart displays for Android™ make deploying and/or relocating kiosks quick and easy. Users can simply:

  • Install a ViewSonic® Smart Display
    • 22″ VSD220
    • 22″ VSD221
    • 23″ VSD231
    • 24″ VSD241
  • Install the selected kiosk browser app from the Google Play Store (such as Kioware Kiosk, SureFox Kiosk Browser Lockdown, and Kiosk Browser)
  • Configure the app with default web url, passwords, and other settings

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