Ergonomic Stand Improves Comfort and Productivity

Computer users at your company spend long hours in front of their screens and lately you’ve been hearing comments about neck strain and sore shoulder and back muscles. You want your employees to be comfortable and productive. What can you look for in a monitor to help reduce muscle strain?


Along with proper ergonomic positioning of chairs, keyboards and mice, comfort during computer use is affected by the fit of the user to their computer monitor. Back, neck, shoulder and eye discomfort can all increase when a user is improperly aligned with their monitor. Monitors with ergonomic stands offer greater control over placement and positioning, which can be adjusted according to each user’s unique applications, environment and personal needs for greater overall comfort and productivity. Conventional displays generally offer some degree of front-to-back tilt. Advanced features found on displays with ergonomic stands, including ViewSonic® VG and VP series monitors, can include:

  • Height adjustment – adjusts the overall height of the monitor for more comfortable viewing
  • Pivot – enables 90-degree pivot for portrait style viewing best suited for vertical documents and web browsing
  • Swivel – enables horizontal screen rotation of up to 360 degrees
  • Tilt – Adjusts screen tilt for more comfortable viewing angle
What you'll need
  • ViewSonic® VG Graphic Series Monitor
  • ViewSonic® VP Professional Series Monitor

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