UP Creativos
ViewSonic® Projectors Transform Planetarium Dome into Innovative and Immersive Digital Art Installation

UP Creativos is a renowned digital arts and video mapping producer in Peru, utilizing projection technologies to turn irregularly shaped objects and surfaces into a display surface for video projection and works of art. UP Creativos produces live events hosted by various video jockeys (VJs) and digital artists who create fully dynamic, interactive video mapping projections consisting of pre-programmed videos, effects, and music.

One such event was the “Visiones” exhibition, a music and digital art show held under the dome of the Morro Solar Planetarium in the Chorrillos district of Lima. UP Creativos invited digital artists from all over the world, including Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, France, and Panama, to create the most innovative digital art installation ever seen in Peru.

ViewSonic projectors are designed to be seen, to project incredible images and art.

- José Carlos Reyna, UP Creativos Director & Founder

  • Needed precise, high-quality equipment to project images onto the dome of Chorrillos planetarium measuring 12 meters in diameter and 6 meters in height
  • Finding a way to seamlessly combine two Full HD projection images into a single panoramic image to span the ceiling of the dome.
  • DLP® technology necessary to provide a maximum calibration of brightness for video mapping
  • Two ViewSonic PJD8633ws ultra-short throw projectors with 3,000 lumens, a throw ratio of 0.3, wide-angle lenses, and DLP technology
  • ViewSonic PJD5134 projector and Pro8500 projector as supplementary devices
  • ViewSonic CDP4260-TL commercial touch display
  • Total satisfaction in the quality and performance of the ViewSonic equipment by the host and artists participating in the event
  • Artists were able to maximize depth of dome to create unique sense of immersion for spectators
  • Vibrant, dynamic images were properly mapped and calibrated due to DLP technology

The VJs and digital artists invited by UP Creativos wanted to project vibrant images onto the ceiling of the planetarium, but this was easier said than done. Measuring 12 meters in diameter, and six meters in height, the dome of the Morro Solar Planetarium presented some logistical challenges for UP Creativos. According to José Carlos Reyna, Director and Founder of UP Creativos, very specific projector requirements were needed for the “Visiones” exhibition.

“We needed a solution that could not only deliver 3,000 lumens of brightness, but could also produce two 1280x720 HD signals,” said Reyna. “From these two signals, we wanted to create a single panoramic image to span the dome.”

UP Creativos surmised that a projection solution with a short-throw, wide-angle lens would help to cover the dome. But in order to properly map the two needed images into a seamless panoramic scene, UP Creativos still needed something that produced incredible brilliance and contrast. Therefore, the use of DLP® technology was required, which prevents luminescent marks in the projection and provides a very specific definition and calibration in the spaces where the projection is intended.


Meeting all of the requirements set forth by UP Creativos was the ViewSonic PJD8633ws ultra-short throw projector. Using two of these projectors, UP Creativos was able to capitalize on a throw ratio of 0.3:1, a wide-angle lens, and 3,000 lumens of brightness, while also being able to combine the images from both projectors to create a single high-definition signal.

In addition, a ViewSonic PJD5134 projector was used to supplement the two PJD8633ws projectors on the dome, while a ViewSonic Pro8500 5,000 lumen projector was used to video map images onto the planetarium doors. Lastly, images of the crowd were shown on a ViewSonic CDP4260-TL commercial touch screen.

Needless to say, with a bevy of state-of-the-art display technologies from ViewSonic, the digital artists from UP Creativos were given incredible artistic freedom. With the ViewSonic projectors as a part of their palette, the digital artists created images that maximized the depth of the planetarium dome, thereby creating a unique sense of immersion for spectators at the exhibit.

The Result

According to Reyna, the ViewSonic projectors were incredibly flexible, as they easily adapted to the different needs of his artists. Reyna also stressed that the DLP technology of the ViewSonic projectors was especially important to the artists, as the projectors were able to properly calibrate the luminescence in the white areas of the dome, so that the artists’ video mappings were accurately projected.

Reyna is convinced that ViewSonic provides the best equipment for video mapping and digital art, as the projectors and touch screen exceeded his expectations.

“It’s one thing to see these products static and by themselves,” said Reyna. “But it’s another thing to see them in action in an actual exhibition. ViewSonic projectors are designed to be seen, to project incredible images and art.”

Reyna is keenly aware that the “Visiones” exhibition was possible thanks to the ViewSonic equipment. Since then, UP Creativos has became loyal to the brand, using ViewSonic technologies to meet the technical and logistical needs for many of its other events.


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