Ultra HD Display Advantages
For Surveillance Applications

Security is a universal concern for businesses of all types and sizes and building surveillance is a critical piece of the security puzzle. From small businesses to security services companies, maximizing the effectiveness of surveillance systems can reduce loss and protect employees. Security experts recommend the use of a video recording system covering strategic indoor and outdoor areas, monitored by an on-site security guard. These systems can be costly and extensive, requiring several key components; is there a way that the display component can help maximize the overall effectiveness of the system?


Increasing display resolution can improve the overall effectiveness of your surveillance system. When paired with a 4K camera, an Ultra HD monitor will deliver four times the detail of 1080p Full HD, enabling magnification and zoom-in with greater clarity of detail for enhanced visual forensic data. However, even without investing in a 4K camera or other 4K network upgrades, facilities with more than one video input can benefit from an Ultra HD monitor. Split-screen capable monitors, such as ViewSonic® VG2860mhl-4K and VP2780-4K with MultiPicture technology, enable simultaneous display of multiple signals with up to 4 split screens. This delivers four-quadrant viewing at crisp, true Full HD, a significant visual gain over the lower QHD (960x540) resolution delivered when a 1080p monitor is divided four ways. In addition to the gain in clarity, this type of set up enables the use of one Ultra HD monitor in place of four 1080p units, for simplified hardware management.

What you'll need

What you’ll need for Full HD 1080p four-quadrant viewing:

  • A split-screen capable Ultra HD monitor like the ViewSonic® VG2860mhl-4K and VP2780-4K with MultiPicture technology
  • Four 1080p video cameras (per monitor)

What you’ll need for a complete 4K surveillance network:

  • An Ultra HD monitor like the ViewSonic® VG2860mhl-4K and VP2780-4K with MultiPicture technology
  • 4K HDTV video surveillance camera such as the Dinion IP Ultra 8000 MP or AXIS P1428-E
  • A network-attached storage appliance to provide camera data storage and storage redundancy
  • A server capable of transmitting 4K video

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