Improves Communication with ViewSonic® Digital Kiosks

Founded in 1974, ANTEL is Uruguay’s government-owned telecommunications company. ANTEL’s main focus is the development of telecommunication services across the country; it is the country’s largest telecomm provider, with the greatest number of customers in Uruguay. The company is also recognized for its ownership of Uruguay's tallest skyscraper, the Telecommunications Tower, located in Montevideo.

Uses of Free-standing Digital Kiosks in a Commercial Environment

  • Improve guest experience
  • Enhance branding & guest engagement opportunities
  • Increase sales via promotions, enhanced direct marketing, advertising revenue
  • Eco-friendly cost savings – eliminate costs, time, contaminants and waste associated with print signage
  • Maximized use of staff resources
  • Improve the display of communications at ANTEL headquarters
  • ViewSonic EP4610 and EP4610T free-standing digital ePoster kiosks
  • Dynamic multimedia messaging improved internal and external communication
  • Simple operation delivered quick and easy installation and management
  • The sleek, shapely design complemented the ANTEL Tower design and the company’s corporateimage for enhanced branding

It was time for ANTEL to replace the old print banners hanging in the reception area of the ANTEL Tower, its main headquarters. As well as simply being ready for an update, the outdated print format didn’t allow for dynamic information display.

The company’s goal was to improve communications and branding by displaying a variety of images and information in its lobby, including photographs of various events, such as the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, as well as visitor and small business information.


To deliver these improved communications, ANTEL implemented a ViewSonic ePoster solution featuring the ViewSonic EP4610 and EP4610T free-standing digital kiosks. Offering a slim design and versatile input connections, ViewSonic ePoster products facilitate an easy transition from printed signs to dynamic, high definition video messaging, with the option to upload content via a USB thumb drive or media player.

The Result

Besides simple operation and vivid messaging, the ViewSonic ePosters also provided IT and energy savings over other digital signage options, while enhancing sales with an innovative and attractive promotional tool.

One of the most important uses that the ViewSonic ePosters delivered was the ability to communicate various campaigns for the Uruguay Department of Tourism. In addition, the ePosters enabled ANTEL to deliver messaging about Heritage Day, as well as various business responsibility campaigns that focused on fighting breast cancer, diabetes, and other causes that ANTEL supported.

The ViewSonic ePoster solution provided the company with a powerful means of communicating to both internal and external audiences. And in addition to supporting the company’s brand through the messages disseminated, the ePosters enhanced its identity through their very form factor as their sleek design nicely complemented the glass façade of the ANTEL tower.

In addition, because ViewSonic’s ePoster solutions make the loading of multimedia content so easy, ANTEL’s IT department saved on both time and energy whenever campaigns or messaging were changed.


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