Keep Financial Data Secure
With Easy-to-use Privacy Screens

Your data is your most valuable commodity, and you’ve taken all the necessary steps to protect it with encryption and firewall security. Recently, however, breaches in information security due to “visual hacking” are on the rise. Perpetrators can take photos of computer screens, or simply look over employees’ shoulders. What are the best practices for addressing this issue?


Visual privacy is of increasing concern in the financial industry. The opportunities for sensitive, valuable, or confidential data to be acquired via a visual data breach are indeed on the rise due to the ubiquity of camera-equipped smartphones. Research has also found that employees may be 50%-70% less productive when their visual privacy is at risk. Privacy screens offer an easy, cost-effective means of thwarting visual hackers. They are particularly valuable for any organization that faces regulatory compliance requirements, as well as for anyone working with confidential or strategic information.

What you'll need

Privacy experts recommend taking these steps to protect your organization:

  • Increase awareness of the problem by developing and communicating formal visual privacy guidelines
  • Identify workstations that require the use of privacy screens such as the ViewSonic® VSPF line of privacy filter screen protectors
  • Use privacy screens in open workspaces, high traffic areas, and with employees who work with confidential or sensitive data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, medical information, and strategic or financial information
  • Include best practice procedures for employee training, mobile computing, display shut-down, and end-of-workday desk clearance

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