Qik-n-EZ Convenience Store
Draws attention and boosts advertising impact with five ViewSonic digital displays.

Located in Springfield, Illinois, this Qik-n-EZ store is the newest of 13 gas station/convenience stores throughout central Illinois. A large portion of its revenue is driven by in-store promotions on food and drink items, including hot dogs, beer, coffee and fountain drinks. The store’s pricing specials change often—requiring the ability to update in-store advertising quickly, easily and cost effectively.

The advantage of digital signage is that you can deliver a very timely promotional message to a very specific target audience. For example, you can do multiple food promotions during certain peak hours, like during lunch or during the morning/evening commute.

- Gary Childress, Digital Signage Director at BlueStar

  • Attract and capture customer attention
  • Dynamically promote in-store offers
  • ViewSonic® CD5230 52" commercial display
  • ViewSonic® CD4225 42" commercial display
  • ViewSonic® CD3225 32" commercial display
  • 1080p resolution for crystal-clear images and video
  • High brightness and contrast ratio with high-definition clarity
  • Generous screen size and thin beze
  • Multiple connectivity options; RS-232 daisy-chain capable

In the past, this Qik-n-EZ store relied on traditional printed posters to communicate special pricing offers and current promotions. However, the store wanted to differentiate itself from the competition while increasing the eye-catching impact of its promotional messaging and simplifying the creation and maintenance of its advertising.


Thanks to the expert guidance of local technology reseller Ace Sign Company (Springfield, Ill.), Qik-n-EZ soon realized that going digital was the answer. Ace Sign Company helped the customer zero in on the right display manufacturer.

“Qik-n-EZ chose ViewSonic primarily on our recommendation, since we’ve witnessed the excellent reliability of other customers’ ViewSonic displays over the years,” said Todd Bringuet, Account Manager at Ace Sign Company. “Plus, the price points for these ViewSonic commercial displays were great.”

In November 2010, Qik-n-EZ purchased a total of five ViewSonic commercial displays—two 52” displays (CD5230), one 42” display (CD4225) and two 32” displays (CD3225)—from BlueStar, a global technology distributor. Each display offers a generous screen size and full 1080p resolution that highlight vivid graphics and stunning video with a bright, high-contrast screen. The displays offer multiple inputs/output options for flexible connectivity and content control, as well as the ability to daisy-chain multiple displays into a single network while still being able to control each display individually

“The advantage of digital signage is that you can deliver a very timely promotional message to a very specific target audience,” said Gary Childress, Digital Signage Director at BlueStar. “For example, you can deliver multiple food and beverage promotions and daily specials during certain peak hours, and target lunchtime customers or morning and evening commuters.”

The Result

After Ace Sign Company installed the displays throughout the store, Qik-n-EZ managers saw immediate results. Qik-n-EZ staff members noticed how the commercial displays and high-definition video content would catch customers’ eyes and capture their attention for longer periods of time—a huge benefit over the store’s former static posters.

“When customers run static posters, they have to pay every time they’re updated; but with digital signage technology, ads can be updated every few minutes, which provides a more dynamic advertising strategy and visuals that change more frequently,” said Bringuet.

Currently, Ace Sign Company handles the content creation, programming and scheduling for the customer’s promotional advertising; but employees at the Qik-n-EZ corporate headquarters will soon take over the content management themselves.

Going forward, the other 12 Qik-n-EZ locations plan to make the switch to digital signage, using ViewSonic commercial displays as their solution of choice. Not only will this increase branding consistency between store locations, it will also ensure a rich, multimedia experience for all Qik-n-EZ customers.


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