St. Augustine Catholic Church
St. Augustine Catholic Church boosts assembly participation with two ViewSonic projectors and large-screen displays.

St. Augustine Catholic Church is a large and active parish in South San Francisco, Calif., serving roughly 4,000 parishioners across seven masses each weekend. The church was formed in 1970, attracting Catholics from nearby cities of South San Francisco, San Bruno, Pacifica and Daly City. As the congregation grew, St. Augustine Catholic Church hosted a large fundraising effort to build a new multipurpose church building. After five years of working and waiting, the construction of St. Augustine Catholic Church finally began—with completion and official dedication in December 1975.

As soon as we started projecting song lyrics during mass, I noticed a big difference in the response of the assembly. The people are now much louder in responding, which makes for a better mass experience all around.

- Frances Santa Maria-Afuang,Chairperson of the Audio Visual Systems Committee

  • Encourage more active participation and responsiveness during mass
  • Eliminate the annual need to purchase new song books
  • One ViewSonic Pro8400 projector
  • One ViewSonic Pro9500 projector
  • Two large-screen, high-definition displays
  • Increased (and more active) participation by the assembly
  • A better all-around mass experience for parishioners
  • Cost-savings through less dependence on song books
  • Better ability to catechize to the congregation through projections

In the Spring of 2011, St. Augustine Catholic Church sought to take advantage of a new communication trend that would encourage more active responsiveness and contribution by the church assembly. The church also wanted to enhance the quality of church messages by delivering more progressive contentbased presentations, including video, photography, PowerPoint® presentations and song lyrics projected on large screens during mass.

Beyond the satisfaction of more parishioner responsiveness, another benefit to the church would be financial. By projecting song lyrics onto display screens, the church could eliminate the significant expense of purchasing roughly 800 new song books every year.


To help St. Augustine achieve its goal, local system integrator Visual Mechanical (San Bruno, Calif.) proposed a state-of-the-art visual technology system that could deliver the new church content in highdefinition quality, while not detracting from the existing architecture and beauty of the church itself. After considering the new solution, St. Augustine was duly impressed and soon installed the components: two large-scale projection screens and two ViewSonic projectors (one Pro8400 and one Pro 9500).

The Result

“As soon as we started projecting song lyrics during mass, I noticed a big difference in the response of the assembly,” said Frances Santa Maria-Afuang, Chairperson of the Audio Visual Systems Committee. “Based on the volume of the crowd, we began seeing great participation—so much so, that you could actually hear the assembly participating. The people are now much louder in responding, which makes for a better mass experience all around.”

Going forward, the new projection system will also help St. Augustine Catholic Church expand its presentations to include new communications media, such as high-def video.

“Although we haven’t utilized the projectors’ video capabilities too much yet, the fact that they offer state-of-the-art video/DVD capabilities will enable us to start using these projectors and oversized screens for special events like movie nights for fundraising,” said Santa Maria-Afuang.

The ViewSonic projectors offer another plus—operational simplicity. According to Santa Maria-Afuang, the projectors are easy to connect and simple to use—even for non-tech-savvy lay people like herself.

“Overall, our new projectors and screens are definitely helping St. Augustine Catholic Church reach our objective,” she said. “It’s proving to be a great solution.”


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