Simplified Control of Classroom A/V Devices

Interactive and multimedia technology is clearly critical to successful 21st century learning – but managing it shouldn’t get in the way of teaching. You’re looking for a simplified way for teachers to control the many A/V devices at their disposal.


The educational potential of the most well-designed curriculum, multimedia content, robust audio and empowering interactive devices is diminished if teachers are unable to effectively manage it in a way that enhances – not interferes – with their lessons. For accessible, easy management of all classroom A/V components, ViewSonic 21st Century Classroom Solutions include an installed wall plate control center developed in partnership with SP Controls, a leading supplier of education video controllers. With just one intuitive controller, teachers can easily switch between their classroom notebook, document camera, Blu-ray/DVD player and other devices to showcase content via a large format display or projector. Device commands are meticulously planned and executed to enable unobtrusive management of all components at the touch of a button. Each custom solution clearly spells out the specific inputs, cables, and switches, and all devices are preprogrammed for streamlined installation and use. Created with SP PixiePro products, options include in-room button control using the robust, scalable PixiePro Modular Panel 4-gang IR control device; the browser-based Networked Room Controller system; or a combination of both systems.

What you'll need

Talk to your ViewSonic representative about how we can help define and implement a comprehensive 21st Century Classroom Solution that includes SP PixiePro control for easy management of classroom devices.

Available components of the ViewSonic® solution include the following – all compatibility tested and preconfigured for ease of integration:

  • Front-of-classroom display
  • Teacher's PCs/tablets
  • Secondary A/V input devices
  • Auxiliary audio
  • A/V device management/wall plate controls

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