Boost Campus Emergency Preparedness
With Digital Signage

You want to improve your campus or district emergency preparedness procedures to better protect your schools’ students, teachers, visitors and assets. Perhaps you use (or are thinking of adding) a call-based system to push alerts to students and employees. Should you also consider the use of digital signage?


Digital signage can be an important addition to a comprehensive emergency response plan, especially on large campuses or within larger facilities. By nature eye-catching and visually compelling, digital signage can deliver information in a faster, more attention-getting manner than a call or text – which can be easily missed when phones are muted or charging. And unlike call systems that only contact students and employees with registered contact information, digital signage notifies anyone in the vicinity. When equipped with robust content management software, digital signage lets administrators develop alerts and information in advance then deliver them to screens campus-wide in the event of an emergency. From the most urgent circumstances, to more mundane yet critical announcements, digital signage gets the word out quickly and efficiently, in an attention-getting format ideal for alerts and instructions related to:

  • Severe weather, flooding and earthquakes
  • Facility emergency / office lockdown or evacuation
  • Fire, gas leaks and water main breaks
  • Hazardous material incidents
  • IT / network outages
  • Construction and street, building or room closures
What you'll need

ViewSonic® large format displays or free-standing ePoster digital kiosks

  • 32" CDE3200-L Display
  • 42" CDE4200-L Display
  • 46" CDE4600-L Display
  • 55" CDE5500-L Display
  • 42" EP4220 ePoster
  • 50" EP5012-L ePoster

4Media Players and Software


  • ViewSonic® VOT133 PC mini
  • ViewSonic® SC-T46 thin client
  • ViewSonic® SW-041 DisplayIT software

Media appliance:

  • ViewSonic® NMP-302w media player (Signage Manager software included)

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