The Advantages of Projection
For K-12 Classrooms

It’s time to upgrade your school, district or campus display technology. You’ve always used projectors but wonder if you should consider other alternatives. Given the latest advancements in projection technology, what advantages does projection offer?


Projection technology has long been favored by K-12 educators for its outstanding value and low total cost of ownership. Today’s projectors continue to improve upon these benefits. Among the advantages offered by projectors that can’t be matched by digital displays are:

  • Lower overall cost. Projectors offer the best cost-per-screen- inch value, even factoring in the cost of replacement lamps and a projection screen. Large screen classroom LED displays are significantly more expensive.
  • Image size. Projectors deliver much larger images than possible with a flat screen display.
  • Viewing angle. Images stay true regardless of viewing angle.
  • Space-savings. Paper-thin projector screens and a ceiling-mounted projector take up less space than a large screen display and screens can be easily retracted and stored when not in use.
  • Durability. Large screen displays are breakable and permanently wall-mounted; retractable screens paired with a ceiling mounted projector are housed safely up and out of the way.
  • Reduced eyestrain. Flat screen displays are typically smaller, brighter and harder on the eyes than projected images.

ViewSonic® LightStream® DLP® projectors with SuperColor™ technology build upon these benefits, delivering enhanced image quality and true-to- life color performance.

What you'll need

A ViewSonic® LightStream® projector with SuperColor™ technology.

SuperColor innovations include:

  • Advanced digital image processing, dynamic lamp control and exclusive 6-segment color wheel for natural, vividly clear colors
  • Integrated ViewMatch® color mode automatically optimizes color for the most common viewing applications, for greater clarity and detail
  • Improved gray-scale accuracy provides highly-differentiated shades of black for greater texture and detail in dark images and scenes
  • Automatic adjustment for overexposure of projected images delivers rich detail in bright images, with no washout
  • Minimized brightness fluctuations for greater viewing comfort

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